Heartbeat Dress Reveals Intimate Emotions
Written by Lucy Black   
Sunday, 09 January 2022

Anouk Wipprecht's latest 3D-printed dress, designed in collaboration with crystal-maker Swarovski, monitors the wearer's heartbeat and displays its vital rhythms in a central pendant, which can also be worn around the neck.

The Dutch designer has been experimenting with 3D printed dresses for more than 12 years and we've already encountered her iconic Spider Dress and the 2020 Proximity Dress based on it that enables clothing to enforce social distancing.

In her latest project a Swarovski Crystal, with a conductive coating behind it became a sensor and adding a tiny PCB enables it to flash, or rather to pulse, in time with heartbeat. 

Commenting on how this project uses body sensors, Wipprecht says:

"Working with the body is super interesting, as you can take a lot of data from it and put it to amazing interactions. Like in this case – fashion becomes an interface – something that communicates something maybe 'hidden' from you".

It sounds simple and maybe even poetic, putting one’s vital force on display, but it's also incredibly revealing. Making you wear your 'heartbeat on your sleeve'. Imagine wearing the thing while talking to a special someone you’d like to be more than just friends with, or how about a job interview or that hot date? They’ll be able to see that your heart is pounding with fear or excitement. 



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