The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables for Beginners
Written by Hannah Sharon   
Monday, 15 July 2019
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The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables for Beginners
Filtering the data
Finding the Maximum Profit


As already mentioned, a pivot table allows you to sort data. So, right click on any price and find Sort option. Press Smallest to Largest:


And you get:


 in only two clicks!

Exploring the options

Another nice option is to change Value in Pivot Table Fields:



Click on Value Field Settings and choose anything from the list -Max, Min, Average, etc:


Let's try Max:



You can see below that you get your biggest profit for selling Macbook of 2500 $. 

Once you tried using Pivot Tables you'll never refuse them in future! It's super easy and a real time-saver! And for working with big data it is considered to be an indispensable tool.


  • Hannah Sharon is a Lead Editor at Spreadsheeto where she writes guides on Excel.

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