November Week 1
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Saturday, 07 November 2020

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October 29 - November 4, 2020      

Featured Articles

Raspberry Pi IoT In C - Events & Interrupts
Harry Fairhead

How to work with inputs is a difficult problem. One common solution is the interrupt but for the Pi and Linux in general events are better. This is an extract from the newly-published Raspberry Pi IoT in C, Second Edition.

Edsger Dijkstra - The Poetry Of Programming
Mike James
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Edsger Dijkstra was one of the first people to worry about what a program should be and he elevated the act of programming to both an art and a science. If you only know one Dijkstra quote, it should be: "computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes".




Programming News and Views

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 -The Trailer
04 Nov | Mike James
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SIGGRAPH ASIA is increasingly important and this year it is running 4-13 December - but as an online event. This means more of us can join in. See the technical paper video - you won't regret the time spent.

NetMarketShare Bows Out
04 Nov | Janet Swift
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This news item was supposed to be about the latest desktop browser statistics and the fact that during October Edge had experienced an increase in its share. However, more newsworthy is the fact the October is the final month for which will collect these statistics.

An Introduction to Neo4j
03 Nov | Nikos Vaggalis
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Learn about Neo4j and Cypher in less than a day with a free course that  introduces you to graph databases and how to use the Cypher graph language to query and update a Neo4j database.

Microsoft Adds Custom Data Types To Excel
03 Nov | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft is adding support for custom business data types to Excel. The addition will be made to Excel for Windows for Office 365 subscribers. The new facility seems powerful, but likely to cause confusion as people don't understand it, and equally likely to provide work for developers called in to sort out the resulting chaos.

Foojay - All About Java and the OpenJDK
02 Nov | Nikos Vaggalis
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Tracking the OpenJDK is not an easy feat. It evolves rapidly under a release cycle of a new version every 6 months, hence there's hoards of new features, changes and bug fixes.This is where foojay steps in,  collecting all the relevant information.

Pi 400 The $70 Desktop
02 Nov | Harry Fairhead
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In a move that takes us back to the days of the Commodore 64 and Spectrum, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an all-in-one keyboard with an upgraded Pi 4 all for $70.

Computer History Under the Hammer
01 Nov | Sue Gee
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If you crave for a slice of computer history, an online auction from Bonhams salerooms in Los Angeles on November 5th provides plenty of choice. If you don't have deep enough pockets, just browsing the catalogue is a treat.

STEM Toys That Promote Computational Thinking
30 Oct | Mark Coster
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Playing with toys and games isn’t just for little kids. There are so many great STEM toys out there that are not only fun but also help kids to develop their computational skills. So whether you’re looking for something for yourself, your child, or a friend, here are some fun and computationally themed ideas for all ages. 

Microsoft Aims For Better Visual Studio Extensions
30 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft says it is creating a new extensibility model for the Visual Studio IDE. The aim is to make extensions more reliable, easier to write, and supported locally and in the cloud.

DataCamp For Hands-On Learning
29 Oct | Sue Gee

DataCamp, the course provider with its focus firmly on data science, has a new logo and a whole new look. It's a good time to see what it has to offer businesses and individuals.

Apache Arrow 2 Improves C++ and Rust Support
29 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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There's a new release of Apache Arrow with improvements to the support for C++ and Rust, particularly in support for Parquet.



Books of the Week

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Full Review  

  • Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Reviewer: Mike James  Rating: 4 out of 5
    Verdict: It isn't the best book that could be written on AWS, but it is a book on AWS, which really needs one. In reading it I've discovered things I didn't know, even after using AWS since its inception.

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