December Week 1
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Saturday, 12 December 2020

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December 3 - 9, 2020     

Featured Articles 

JavaScript Jems - Functional And Not Quite Functional
Mike James
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JavaScript's functional programming is initially very attractive, but if you slide into using it, you might be shocked at how difficult it is to be "hardline functional". This is an extract from my 2020 book, JavaScript Jems: The Amazing Parts.

The Mod Function
Mike James
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What has modular arithmetic got to do with the real world?
The answer any experienced programmer should give you is "a lot". Not only is it the basis for many an algorithm, it is part of the hardware. 


Programming News and Views 

Google's Fuchsia Breaks Surface - But We Still Have No Idea What It Is For
09 Dec | Mike James
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Google is often the target of conspiracy theories, but it is the only possible reaction to Fuchsia as there is no explanation as to what it is for, or more precisely what it will be used for. It has now graduated to open source you can contribute to. Why?

JavaScript Turns 25
09 Dec | Ian Elliot
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It is JavaScript's 25th Anniversary, but, like JavaScript itself, not much fuss is being made about it. In many ways this is the story of JavaScript. It is THE fundamental language of the web and yet is rarely acknowledged as being the leading light in any production.

PHP 8.0 Adds Metadata To Classes
08 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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There's a major new release of PHP with improvements including a nullsafe operator and attributes enabling the use of structured metadata with PHP's native syntax.

Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course Free From NYU
08 Dec | Nikos Vaggalis
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A Deep Learning course taught by Yann LeCun, a pioneer of convolutional neual networks and Facebook's Chief AI scientist, has been made available online for free.

GNU Octave Improves Matlab Compatibility
07 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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GNU Octave 6.1 has been released with improvements including changes to the graphics backend, compatibility with Matlab and a number of new and improved functions.

Hour of Code Teaches AI For Good
07 Dec | Nikos Vaggalis
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It's the time of year when the world-class Hour of Code once more commences; just an hour to  introduce coding to the uninitiated. This is not just an article about alone, but a wider look at its emphasis on AI for a new generation.

Advent Of Code For Programmers
06 Dec | Sue Gee
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If you thought Advent Calendars were just for kids think again. It seems that there's a well-established tradition of programming-related advent calendars, including Advent of Code.

Top Presents For Programmers
04 Dec | Lucy Black
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Without wanting to be obvious, it's been a strange year, and it's likely to be a strange festive season. The weirdness of 2020 has made it harder to find the right present to buy for your favorite programmer, but we've come up with some possibilities.

Five Reasons To Create and Control A Web App
04 Dec | Amy Rehan
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A web application is more than just an ordinary website. Thanks to it, your customers can make purchases, make reservations and submit complaints, regardless of whether they do it on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

GitHub Supports Literate Programming Environment For Python
03 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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GitHub has announced it is supporting in developing a new, literate, programming environment for Python called nbdev.

Jetpack Compose for Desktop Milestone 2
03 Dec | Nikos Vaggalis
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Following its initial announcement of Jetpack Compose for Desktop last month, JetBrains has now announced Milestone 2, updated with a Swing interoperability layer.



Books of the Week

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Full Review  

  • JavaScript Absolute Beginner's Guide, 2nd Ed (Que)



    Reviewer: Ian Elliot  Rating: 2 out of 5
    Verdict: If you are a complete beginner then this is probably not the book for you as it lacks any concept of what your difficulties are. If you already know some programming, it might serve as a brief introduction, but its ordering of topics is going to leave you wondering what JavaScript is all about.

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