June Week 3
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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Every day I Programmer has new material written by programmers, for programmers. This digest gives a summary of the latest content, which this week includes an extract from the recently published book, Raspberry Pi IoT in C with Linux Drivers and an article from our History section on the ABC computer and the claim that it was the first computer.

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  June 3 - 9, 2021 

Featured Articles   

Pi IoT In C Using Linux Drivers - Hwmon
Harry Fairhead
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As well as raw bus drivers there are also many direct device drivers which hide the details of how the devices are interfaced. Many of these conform to either the IIO or Hwmon approach. Here the focus is on Hwmon, the oldest of the approaches.

ABC - The 1st Computer?
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If you are at all interested in the history of the computer you can't help but debate the question of who actually invented the first machine? According to a 1973 court ruling it was John Atanasoff, inventor of the ABC.


Programming News and Views 

Rust Bringing Greater Safety To Linux
23 Jun | Harry Fairhead
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Google is providing financial support to the Rust for Linux project which aims to increase Linux security by writing parts of the Linux kernel in Rust. This seems to be a worthwhile attempt to bolster the security of the internet and every device that uses it.

Cube.js Adds Storage Layer For Open Source Analytics
23 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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A custom pre-aggregation storage layer for Cube.js has been released, and the developers say this means Cube.js is now fully ready for use for operational analytics for any SQL-compliant database, data warehouse, or query engine.

Get Ready For Kotlin Heroes
22 Jun | Mike James
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The 7th edition of the Kotlin Heroes Contest, an online format hackathon, takes place on June 29th. To help you get up to speed, try out the Practice Round which is open from June 22nd.

GitHub Desktop Adds Squashing
22 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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GitHub Desktop has been updated and now has expanded support for drag and drop to allow you to squash and reorder commits in your history, amend previous commits, and start new branches from earlier commits.

Postgres Pro Enterprise 13 Released
21 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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Postgres Pro Enterprise has been updated and open sourced. The new release of the private fork of PostgreSQL is based on PostgreSQL 13.3.

VS Code Adds Terminal Tabs
21 Jun | Alex Denham
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Another month, another release of VS Code by Microsoft. This month's tweaks have largely been previewed in earlier releases, but make it into the official additions for this release. The list includes terminal tabs, Workspace Trust, and remote repositories.

Linux At 30 - A Penguin For Your Thoughts
20 Jun | Lucy Black
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Linux turns 30 this summer and, as part of the celebrations, the Linux Foundation asked the open source community "How has Linux Impacted your Life?" Authors of 30 personal stories have each been able to name a penguin. This led us to ask, Why is the Linux mascot a penguin?

Play The Flex Box Adventure
18 Jun | Nikos Vaggalis
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Coding Fantasy is a new platform for learning CSS, HTML and JavaScript by playing coding games. It already offers a free fun educational game for learning how to use the CSS Flex Box mode and here we look at what it entails.

90 Years Since Kurt Godel Showed Us What We Cannot Know
18 Jun | Mike James
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It was in 1931 that Kurt Godel, then aged just 25, published his first incompleteness theorem. On one level it seems so long ago and yet at another so recent. We have only just begun to think about the nature and limits of computation and logic, but Godel was one of the first.

Amazon Wooing Android Devs With AWS Credits
17 Jun | Sue Gee
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In an effort to expand the range of apps on offer in its Appstore, Amazon has announced the Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program which is offering not only a better revenue share, but also AWS credits.

Google Open Sources Fully Homomorphic Encryption Transpiler
17 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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Google has open sourced a fully homomorpthic encryption (FHE) transpiler. FHE provides a way to carry out computations on encrypted data without it needing to be decrypted.


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Full Review 

  • Adventures of a Computational Explorer
    (Wolfram Media)
  • Reviewer: Alex Armstrong Rating: 3 out of 5 
    Verdict: If this is supposed to be about the adventures of a computational explorer, then all I can say is how unadventurous. Compared to deep thinkers like Gregory Chaitin, Donald Knuth, John Conway to name just three, this hardly scratches the surface. Wolfram writes as if he has never encountered any computer science theory and any that he does mention he takes full credit for.

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