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Monday, 25 October 2010

Given the split between the breakaway Document Foundation and it was likely that resignations would ensue. Perhaps what is interesting is that until today only two have been announced. 


During the meeting of the Community Council conducted by chat relay on 14th October and reported on in OpenOffice Fork becoming a Split council members who had affiliated themselves with The Document Foundation (TDF) and its alternative Libre Office project were asked to step down. Christopher Noack, one of three participants at the meeting to whom this request was directed, posted his resignation email on 23rd October. In it he writes:

Unfortunately, my idea of a stable and working open-source environment differs from what I currently perceive when we talk about certain community structure characteristics.

While Noack makes no reference to The Document Foundation and Libre Office the following day's resignation from Florian Effenberger does, referring to it as: 

a so very important step and major initiative that I am proud of being a part in, helping to shape the future of the Community, to bring not only our software, but also our project to the next level.


Effenberger also writes:

I will not make a recommendation on which mailing lists you should subscribe to in the future, which project you should join. Instead, I would like to quote something I read on the German lists: Look at both, ask questions, be critical when it is necessary, and decide for yourself.

Nouws leaves Community Council

The participant in the 14th October meeting who was most resistant to leaving the OOo Community Council, Cor Nouws appears not to have resigned from OOo  although an email of 20th October made clear he was  stepping down from the council:

Since further public discussion in this situation is impossible, it makes no sense at all for me to stay in my role in the council. And because I officially represent the broader community, I would first like to ask Khirano, my deputy, if he currently can take the responsibility for that task, position.

Khirano having accepted the latest addition to the thread, dated 25th October, is the simple statement fron Nouws:

Then from this moment on I am no longer a member of the community council.


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