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1 Amazon Announces OpenSearch
2 Data Preparer Optimises Data Cleaning
3 Linux Journal Closes
4 MSDN Magazine Bows Out
5 Kindle Instant Book Previews
6 Usborne Books Revival
7 PeerJ - Open Access Peer Reviewed Computer Science
8 Dr Dobb's Bites The Dust After 38 Years
9 E-Reading On The Rise
10 Amazon Source - What Do Bookstores Think?
11 Are E-Book Readers Already Heading Towards Obsolescence?
12 E-Books Not Confined To E-Readers
13 Free Microsoft E-book On Windows 8 Apps And More
14 FSF Introduces DRM-Free Logo
15 International Day Against DRM
16 Microsoft Backs NOOK with $300m
17 E-Book Trends Revealed
18 Developer Preferences for Reading eBooks
19 Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Digital Only
20 Apple Enters the Digital Textbook Market
21 A Kindle App For Document Files
22 Penguin and Kindle in Conflict
23 Nook Tablet Prepares To Take On Kindle Fire
24 Kindle Cloud Reader for Firefox
25 Amazon opens Kindle library
26 EPUB3 Already Marginalized?
27 Kindle Format 8 with HTML5 support
28 Kindle's World not on Fire
29 New Amazon Kindles - the developer's take
30 Kindle books now available in libraries
31 Kindle Cloud Reader
32 Apple's new rules come into effect - the fallout
33 Google's announces Kindle-like e-reader
34 Signs of the times - paywalls do pay
35 Lendle now pays you to lend
36 Amazon's new cheaper 3G Kindle
37 Touchscreen Nook e-reader unveiled
38 Selling physical copies of e-books - how does that work?
39 Sales of Kindle books outstrip print books
40 Is Apple relaxing its policy on magazine subscriptions?
41 Borrow Kindle books from your local library
42 Sales of ebooks triple!
43 Kindle with ads - is that a good bargain?
44 Nook subscribers to get free access to NYT website
45 Kindle adds directly downloadable audiobooks
46 Setback for Google Books Settlement
47 Amazon rescinds API from Lendle
48 e-books sales more than double year on year
49 Amazon's tight hold on Kindle relaxed?
50 Newspapers - tablets v print
51 iPad magazines price rise - will that work?
52 EU raids e-book publishers
53 HarperCollins to restrict library e-book loans
54 Google's One Pass subscription scheme
55 Apple subscription model launched and clarified
56 Kindle Lending Club forced to change name
57 New York Times Best Sellers now includes e-books
58 Kindle update introduces social features
59 Joomla 1.6 Hello Magazine
60 The Daily - stunning but too slow
61 Expanding E-book Market
62 Amazon Kindle goes International