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201 NetBeans Does Android
202 Google Issues More Tablet Guidelines
203 Android and iOS Share Tablet Market Almost Equally
204 Android Tablets Make Headway
205 Amazon Appstore Opens in Europe
206 A Shift in the Android Landscape
207 Jelly Bean Source Code Released
208 YouTube Android Player API
209 A Smoother Android - Jelly Bean (4.1) The Programmer's Take
210 Amazon App Store Extends its Reach
211 Linaro Makes Android Faster by Recompiling
212 The Joy of Android Apps
213 Google Translate App for Android Update
214 on{X} - Good for Non-Programmers and Programmers
215 Judge Rules Oracle's Java APIs Not Copyrightable
216 Oracle v. Google: Jury finds No Patent Infringement
217 Oracle v Google Judge Is A Programmer!
218 Xamarin Designer for Android
219 Google v Oracle Verdict In - But Future Still Unclear
220 Mono Ports Android to C#
221 Android Developer Survey (Infographic)
222 Larry Page says - Android Not Critical for Google
223 Oracle v Google - Are Computer Languages Copyrightable?
224 Oracle v Google No Pre-Trial Settlement
225 Oracle v Google - No Offer of Settlement
226 Oracle v Google - A Final Demand for Settlement
227 Android Emulator Faster, More Capable
228 On-Android IDE for Android Developers
229 Google Play - a Unified Store for Web and Android
230 MIT App Inventor Back Online - Just
231 Stencils for Android
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