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Friday, 02 December 2022

It's that mug time of year and what better than a new endpoint for your favourite algorithm oil... we have some for your consideration. This first one reflects how I feel most of the time and not only when I'm coding - debugging, refactoring and documenting.

This next one I'm including just 'cos it's so true. How often have you come to the conclusion that some piece of reliable code has never had a chance to work in the first place. I've been sure for a long time now that this is some deep feature of programming that we just have so far not managed to fathom. I think that if I had this mug I might spends some time contemplating more than just how much coffee I had left..

This one has a sort of mystical feeling about it.  What algorithm? Any algorithm? But whatever it means you would do well to remember it


 If you want to pin it down then why not attempt a definition of what the word means. This is a different meaning of mysterious.

And while on the subject of mystery this particular slogan is more than transcendental. What a difference there is between [:8] and [:-8] - well there is as long as you allow the infinite.

Linux, user friendly? Ha ha ha... It might be programmer friendly if you set all file permissions to 777 but user friendly? Does it even have any users?

And I have to love the penguin!

If your code has no bugs and is carefully crafted then you might want everyone to know:

My own programs are more like blank verse...

Only joking - what programmer worth their code bothers to document...



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