Programmer Presents 2022
Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 18 November 2022

As the holiday season approaches, what can you get the programmer who has everything? How about some festive wear? A garment with a geeky message might seem predictable, but we found several that made us chortle, including Clippy making a comeback on a really ugly sweater.

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My personal favorites are jokes that you have to be in the know to understand so here are two that fit the bill: 



This one is perhaps a bit too upfront for being cosy with your family, even if it has the merit of being honest:


If your particular programmer likes an ironic gift, you could always go for a sweater showing Clippy, that iconic icon of Windows and birdbrained suggestions. Microsoft has revived Clippy for a sweater in the Xbox Gear store. Prices start at $74.99 and profits will be used to support the College Success Foundation, a charity that helps students afford college.


If you want a more festive look, the Morph Men's Digital Dudz Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater has a pouch on the front for your smartphone so your sweater can look like it has a real fire:

Those of you of a more active nature could of course knock up your own ugly festive sweater with your own choice of animated effect - flickering fire, snow globe, trapped elf, candles. All you need is a sweater with a transparent pocket into which you place a smartphone or tablet showing a suitable animation. Get going with your glue gun, tinsel and resealable heavy duty clear plastic bag.

If you are looking for a fresh idea for keeping cosy this winter how about pair of heated socks? They are intended to combat cold feet while while out 'enjoying' a long walk, but could also be helpful in situations where the central heating has been turned down to save on energy costs. Technologies used to achieve the heating vary, but the ones that caught our eye are equipped with batteries providing up to 10 hours of warmth. They also come with a USB data cable that can continuously charge the battery, though details are scarce on just how you can manage this without looking very strange. Probably best not to go through airport security while charging your socks.


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