The Weekly Top 10: eCommerce Development Resources
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 06 October 2016

eCommerce, in particular Shopify and Bigcommerce, is the focus of this week's trawl through the web to bring you items of interest that we've not had chance to cover in our daily attempts to cover programming news. - Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms Compared (August 2016)

So far I have reviewed most popular platforms as individual offers, and created this comparison chart, then ranked all platforms, but now it's time to see how the different platforms compare to each other: Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Volusion and Big Cartel. - 4 Limitations of the Shopify platform - with Suggested Solutions

We use Shopify every day and whilst we love it, occasionally we come across a requirement that is beyond its capabilities. Here's a list, that we keep regularly updated - complete with solutions we suggest to overcome the limitations. - Bigcommerce vs Shopify 2016 – Comparison and Review

In this Bigcommerce vs Shopify review, we compare and contrast two of the leading online store building tools, Bigcommerce and Shopify. Read on for a discussion on pricing, templates, important features and the key reasons why you might choose one of these leading e-commerce solutions over the other. - 3 Simple Steps for Setting Up a Local Shopify Theme Development Environment

If you're looking to develop Shopify Themes locally, you should know that you're not limited to the Shopify Theme Editor alone. You can also develop Shopify themes on your local development environment. Let's take a look at the process and tools you will use to start building Shopify Themes locally, starting with the Theme Kit. - From Idea to App: Building a Shopify App in a Week

I'm going to show you the process I used to build and launch a small, but moderately complex Shopify app in under a week. I don't have a team of 20 developers and designers, it's just myself doing all of the development and relying on tools and processes to get everything done. - A Guide on How to Develop a Shopify App with Laravel and PHP

Generally, anything that you can do with your store, an app can do on your behalf - it can modify products, view orders, edit themes, and so on. This short introduction to developing Shopify apps will show you to how create a private app for a Shopify store which can interact with its products. - Advanced Shopify Theming Techniques You Should Be Using

As a designer advocate at Shopify, I have learned countless tips, tricks, and hacks that you can use to reinvigorate your theme design process and, ultimately, make your workflow more efficient. This article includes an overview of several advanced theme development techniques that I've been using recently. It also includes code samples and resources that can be useful for building your next theme on Shopify. - What I Learned Setting Up Stencil for Bigcommerce

In November, Bigcommerce released the beta version of Stencil, a new theming engine that allows developers to create dynamic, custom templates for Bigcommerce stores. Here's what I experienced setting up Stencil for the first time. - What's the Deal with BigCommerce Stencil?

While looking into Bigcommerce for migrating one of my WooCommerce stores, I encountered a huge roadblock – Stencil. Here is my migration process and some Stencil issues I came across. - Volusion 2016 Review

Volusion is disorganized and bloated. Unfortunately this is a common problem across many store builders – which makes sense. In this review, we found Volusion to have expensive themes, poor UX and limited features.

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