Microsoft Teams Premium Now Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 09 February 2023

Microsoft Teams Premium is now officially available at an introductory cost of $7 per user per month. The text messaging app now uses ChatGPT for 'intelligent recap' of meetings.

Teams is a messaging app for organizations that offers real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, and file and app sharing. It has limited support for developers via the ability to install and use external apps. There are Teams apps for GitHub, Jira, Azure DevOps, Confluence, Bitbucket and Trello in the Teams app store.


The main improvement to Teams Premium is better handling of meetings to make them "more personalized, intelligent, and secure". The intelligence part comes courtesy of ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI (with the help of several billions in investment from Microsoft). The intelligent recap in Teams Premium uses AI to suggest action items and owners. It will also create recordings with automatically generated chapters, highlights if your name was mentioned, when a screen was shared, or when you left a meeting early, so removing the need to even pretend you're paying attention.

Less welcome is the news that Microsoft is using the change to remove some elements of Teams that were available in the basic version, and make them specific to the premium tier, including live translated captions and some features of virtual appointments. With Teams Premium, appointment schedulers can set up and manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in one location with advanced capabilities like appointment queuing.

Sadly, even if you're relying on the intelligent recap to listen in for your name while you play Spider Solitaire, you'll still need to keep using the automatic mouse moving kit, because Teams Premium also adds a range of ways for pointy headed managers to track attendance and participation over time. It's now possible to view usage trends and history of virtual appointments in terms of no-shows and wait times with staff-, department-, and organization-level analytics.

The other improvement to Teams Premium is advanced meeting protection. This lets you add watermarking to slides, and makes it possible to limit who can record.

Teams Premium is available now.



More Information

Teams Premium Website

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