IntelliJ IDEA 13 Released
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 06 December 2013

JetBrains has released a major new version of its Java IDE with enhanced support for Java EE7, better Spring Support and new tools for Android development.

IntelliJ IDEA was JetBrains first integrated development environment from the company that has subsequently brought out  IDE's for other popular languages. Its current line up of such tools are AppCode 2.5 for Objective-C with features for C/C++; WebStorm 7 for JavaScript; PHPStorm 7; PyCharm 3.0 for Python;  RubyMine 6; and the productivity add-in for Visual Studio  ReSharper 8.0 for C#.

JetBrains has also shaped other IDEs. Google's Android Studio is based on the, free, Community Edition of IntelliJ IDEA and, as a result of JetBrain's collaboration with Google and Android developers. the new release includes a new Gradle-based build system and an improved editor and UI designer for Android development.



(click in screenshot for larger version)


The new release has complete support for Java EE 7 and support for the latest versions of the enterprise application servers including Glassfish 4, Wildfly 8 and Tomcat 8. This video gives an overview of IntelliJ IDEA 13's  support for Java EE 7's context and dependency injection API, CDI 1.1 which brings improved navigation, code analysis and diagrams for injected dependencies.


There are also performance enhancements and an improved user interface. One feature that will help productivity is Search Everywhere so that you can find a class, file, action or even an IDE setting using the same action:




This is a major release and other highlights include:


  • Spring support improvements, with better performance, a new dedicated tool window, and easier project configuration
  • Improved Git, Mercurial and Subversion tools (including support for Subversion 1.8)
  • Refined Gradle support, with code insight and smooth project synchronization
  • Improved database tools and SQL support
  • Better Scala support with built-in SBT integration
  • CloudFoundry 2.0, OpenShift and Heroku deployment tools

Full information, including more screenshots and videos, are on IntelliJ IDEA's What's New page.





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IntelliJ IDEA 13

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