Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Online
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 07 May 2019

Microsoft has opened a private preview of an online code editor based on Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Online is a browser-based editor that is being positioned as a companion for Code that you can use to make a quick edit rather than a full-time development environment of choice.

The new tool was announced at Microsoft Build this week, where Microsoft said that given Visual Studio Online is based on Visual Studio Code, it will gain the advantage of working with all the extensions that have been developed for Code.


You'll be able to use it both for Visual Studio Code workspaces and for Visual Studio projects. It will also support IntelliCode and Live Share out-of-the-box. Visual Studio Online is based on the Monaco Editor, the code editor that powers VS Code, as well as Azure DevOps and OneDrive.



This isn't the only move to remote development announced by Microsoft. Last week, the Visual Studio Code team released Remote Development extensions that can be used to connect local tools to a WSL, Docker container, or SSH environment. 

If you're thinking you've already heard of Visual Studio Online, you're right - Microsoft had an earlier product called Visual Studio Online that provided a way for teams of developers to cooperate on private source code repositories stored in the cloud. This had nothing really to do with Visual Studio. It was renamed and reworked to become Visual Studio Team Services, then revamped again to become Azure DevOps.

Writing about the new product in a blog post, Microsoft principal program manager Jonathan Carter described it as

"a new web-based companion editor that compliments the Visual Studio family, and ensures you can work effectively from any device."

The preview was demonstrated at Build by Scott Hanselman, who showed using the browser-based tool on an iPad Pro. If you're interested in joining the private preview, you'll need to register online to receive an invitation to join the preview via email.




More Information

Visual Studio Online Signup

Monaco Code Editor On GitHub

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