The Weekly Top Ten: More Ruby On Rails
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 30 December 2016

The I Programmer team tries to cover as many as possible of the languages you might be interested in, but now and then it's good to have outside help. This round up of posts from around the web is focused on anything relevant to Ruby on Rails. - First Steps in Phoenix From a Rails Guy's Perspective

Recently, some people from the Ruby community transferred to a language called Elixir (and Phoenix as a web framework), which was actually created by Jose Valim, one of biggest contributors to the Rails framework. I thought that I would give it a try and learn a new way of thinking which comes with functional paradigm. - Rails Is Still Cool But...

A recent confession by Piotr Solnica started another bit of drama in the Ruby world. I started writing this post just after reading Fabio Akita’s response to Piotr’s post - for me it shows all the problems with Rails’ defensive mindset, but it also reminded me that Rails is still a pretty cool framework. Feel confused? Let’s solve that. - Building Minimal Docker Image for Rails App

While I have to admit that nowadays it's relatively simple to ship Rails applications if you just pick an official Rails base image and customize it to your application needs, this convenience comes with a steep price: your application image is getting really fat since Rails base image starts at 772MB. Sometimes this is not acceptable. So how can we put our Rails app to diet? - Ruby on Rails Interview Questions That Will Land You The Job!

We gathered top interview questions that will help you land the Ruby on Rails position you desire. Take our Ruby on Rails multiple questions test to find out how you rank. - A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Blog in Ruby

The classic first project for a Rails programmer to tackle is a blog. Since the first demonstration screencasts, the "15 Minute Blog" has become infamous. A blog is a fitting first project: it's a simple database-driven site that's quite easy to build incrementally. - Writing a Rails Feature - Blow by Blow

I had an idea for a new feature in Rails that I wanted to build recently but it was such a large change that I couldn’t make myself work on it. I would start, get demoralized and quit constantly, so I decided to try something new. The result is a play-by-play of me implementing a non-trivial feature in Rails. You’ll see me make progress, make mistakes, reflect on my process as I go, and read the whole thing pretty much as it unfolded. - 10 Easy-To-Fix Ruby/Ruby on Rails Mistakes

Programmers make mistakes. Some of them are just annoying (for others to read) and some are really dangerous. Here is my selection of 10 mistakes by Ruby/Ruby on Rails developers. These tips are easy to follow and can save you much time debugging later. - Ruby on Rails Installation

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure Ruby on Rails. Installing and getting Ruby on rails to work can be a pain in a quite significant part of the body if it's not done right. If you are not a fan of command line then it even becomes worse. - Creating Static Pages in Ruby on Rails

Have you ever wanted to create static pages in a Rails application? There are some pre-built gems that allow this to be done fairly quickly, but it's also good for practice to roll your own. Let’s see how we can create some static pages in our own fresh Rails application. - Memcache Full HTML in Ruby on Rails with Nginx

I recently went down the rabbit hole of figuring out how to cache full HTML pages in memcached and serve those pages via nginx in a Ruby on Rails application, skipping Rails entirely. Here are the steps I went through to get this working.

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