New Graduates Want To Work At Google
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 29 August 2022

Asked to nominate the companies they wanted to work for, 44% of Computer Science students chose Google. This is hardly news since it's the fifth year in a row Google that occupied the top position in Universum's ranking. 


The ranking of "Most Attractive Employers in United States 2022" comes from Universum, a Swedish company which claims to be:

the most recognized Employer Branding specialist in the world.

This year's ranking is based on responses from 49,197 students in 164 fields of study from 317 universities across the United States. All students were asked to name the five employers they were most interested in working for and Google figured high on each of the five lists organized by area of study.

For students of Natural Sciences  Google was placed 9th and was the top non-clinical or disease-oriented choice. For Engineering students Google came 7th with Space X, Tesla and NASA in the top three spots and Apple being in 6th with Microsoft 8th. Students of Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education put Google 5th, with the Walt Disney Company coming top followed by the FBI, the UN, Netflix and the US Department of Education, for these students Apple was11th. For both Business students and Computer Science students Google was the top choice, followed by Apple in both cases. The Business students followed up with J.P Morgan, the Walt Disney Company and Goldman Sachs while Computer Science students had their sights on Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla. The final two had swapped places since last year:



With regard to salary the survey recorded a big increase, over 13% since 2021 when on average, students expected $67,742 USD per year.


There was, however, the same gender gap (12%) as the previous year and it is worth recalling that this varies by field of study with Tech students having the narrowest gap at 2%.

There is also a gender difference in the factors that would influence students most when accepting a job offer. As was the case in 2021 women put "Secure employment" top of the list while men chose "High future earnings". "Ethical standards" and "Inspiring purpose" were included for woman while "Clear path for advancement" figured for men. 


New since last year "Flexible working conditions" was among the top five on the female list and this was part of a trend noted by Universum that self-care and quality of life are issues that are of concern. Universum also reported that 3 in 4 students want to work remotely stating:

Despite commentary about young people wanting the camaraderie and mentorship of in-office working, the numbers tell a different story. The overwhelming majority want remote options — and the same is true for working professionals Universum surveyed; 87% of professionals say they want to work for a company that offers remote work.



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