September Week 1
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Saturday, 12 September 2020

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September 3 - 9, 2020  

Featured Articles

JavaScript Async - Service Workers
Ian Elliot
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ServiceWorkers are the key ingredient you need to implement PWAs - Progressive Web Apps. In this extract from my book on JavaScript Async we put the pieces together and show how to use a ServiceWorker.

Hashing - The Greatest Idea In Programming
Mike James
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Although it is a matter of opinion, you can't help but admire the idea of the hash function. It not only solves one of the basic problems of computing - finding something that you have stored somewhere - but it helps with detecting file tampering, password security and more.




News and Comment

Focus On JetBrains Kotlin 1.4
09 Sep | Mike James
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The latest version of Kotlin, which is now the officially preferred programming language for Android, was recently released. JetBrains has announced a 4-day online event about Kotlin 1.4 taking place on October 12-15, 2020. Mike James looks at why Kotlin deserves to be regarded as a great alternative to Java.

Android Jetpack Compose Is Welcome, But What About The Churn?
09 Sep | Nikos Vaggalis
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The ever-changing landscape of development on the Android platform gets an update with the new Jetpack Compose UI toolkit. Here Nikos voices his frustation of behalf of Android developers who have already invested time and effort and don't want to start over.

Infragistics Ignite UI For Angular Improves Data Grid
08 Sep | Ian Elliot
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Infragistics has announced Ignite UI for Angular v 10.1.0, a month after the release by Google of Angular 10.1. The updated UI includes new features and enhancements to its Angular data grid, new themes, and a set of new Material-inspired industry icons.

.NET 5 Feature Complete Preview
08 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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A feature complete preview of .NET 5 has been released by Microsoft ahead of the planned November launch. This will be followed by two release candidates. New versions of ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework (EF) Core were released at the same time as the .NET 5 preview.

Coursera Offers Free Access To Students
07 Sep | Sue Gee
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Coursera has extended an offer it made earlier this year in response to the Covid-19 lockdown when universities in many parts of the world shut their campuses sent students home - free access to any of 3800 courses. The deadline to enroll is now September 30, 2020.

AWS Bottlerocket Now Generally Available
07 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon Bottlerocket, an open source Linux-based operating system that is purpose-built to run containers on both virtual machines and bare metal hosts, is now generally available.

From the Archives: The Homebrew Cray-1A
06 Sep | Harry Fairhead
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If you find today's news depressing, why not turn back the clock and read stories from a decade ago. Better still click on the links and find they still work and there's plenty more good stuff to explore. Here's a news item we published on Sunday, September 05 2010.

Microsoft Jumps on Wonder Woman 1984 Bandwagon
04 Sep | Lucy Black
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Wonder Woman 1984 is this Fall's most anticipated film and Microsoft is taking advantage of the hype and razzamatazz to gain attention for themed learn-to-code activities.

Developers Happier Working From Home
04 Sep | Janet Swift
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Over half of developers are happier in their roles since the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to work remotely. The overwhelming majority are satisfied with their employers and at least three quarters anticipate they will be able to continue to work from home in the future.

Rust 1.46 Adds New APIs
03 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Rust has been updated with a new version that has two new APIs alongside improvements to const fn. The new release coincides with details from the Rust core team on how it sees Rust developing in the future.

OpenAI's GPT-3 Pricing Model
03 Sep | Sue Gee
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Until now OpenAI's amazingly effective natural language generation neural network GPT-3 has been in private beta with a limited number of users. As yet there is no date for general public access, but beta users have been notified of charges from the beginning of October, which indicates what GPT-3 might cost.



Books of the Week

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Full Review

Reviewer: Mike James; Rating: 5 out of 5

Mike James had previously reviewed the first edition of this highly practical advanced book and recommended it highly.  The addition of two very practical computer vision methods in this second edition makes it all the more valuable.

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