September Week 2
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Saturday, 19 September 2020

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer by reading news written by programmers, for programmers. We also select books of interest for programmers for review and to be added to our Book Watch Archive. And of course we feature extracts from titles in the I Programmer Library. This week it's from The Programmers Guide To Kotlin.

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September 10 - 16, 2020   


Featured Articles

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Destructuring
Mike James
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Destructuring  - it sounds like something to avoid, but in practice it is really useful. In this extract from The Programmers Guide To Kotlin by Mike James, we look at destructuring and the spread operator.

Seymour Cray and 20th Century Super Computers
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The fascination for fast cars has a parallel in the search for the ultimate in computer performance. If you lust after a multicore monster you will certainly understand the drive to build a super computer.






News and Comment

C++ 20 Finalized
16 Sep | Mike James
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C++ 20 has received final approval and the standard will be published by the end of the year. So it goes, languages grow and C++ seems to have no brake to slow it down.

Data Scientist or Data Engineer? Choose Your Path On Udacity
16 Sep | Sue Gee
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There's no stopping the flood of data - 2.5 million terrabytes are created every day, so storing, organizing and analyzing data is becoming more important than ever. Udacity has refreshed the Nanodegree Programs offered by its School of Data Science and they start on September 23..

GitHub Announces Container Registry
15 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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GitHub has launched a beta version of GitHub Container Registry, a service aimed at improving how containers are handled within GitHub Packages.

Promoted Add-Ons Pilot For Firefox
15 Sep | Sue Gee
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Mozilla has announced a pilot program, ostensibly to give developers an opportunity to boost the discoverability of their Firefox add-ons, by having them reviewed and recommended. During the pilot. the service is free, but if successful a charge is likely to be introduced. Is this Mozilla treating developers as a source of revenue? 

Amazon Braket Now Generally Available
14 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon Braket is now generally available. The service provides access to quantum computing from a range of suppliers of both classically-powered circuit simulators and quantum computers from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

Ruby On Rails Survey
14 Sep | Ian Elliot
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The latest Ruby on Rails Community Survey from Planet Argon presents a wealth of information about Rails developers, and the tools they choose to use.

Did You Know Today Is Programmer Day?
12 Sep | Lucy Black
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As last year Programmer's Day was September 13th, I imagined that tomorrow would be our special day. I was wrong. Because of the way it is calculated, for 2020, Programmer Day falls on September 12th.

.NET Adds Latent Bug Discovery Feature

11 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has added a new set of warnings for common coding mistakes and API misuse patterns. The warnings will be introduced in the C# compiler in .NET 5.

Learn About Serverless with The Linux Foundation on edX
11 Sep | Sue Gee
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A new free training course that explains serverless computing and provides first-hand experience in building and deploying code directly to a Kubernetes cluster has just launched on the edX platform.

Google Anthos Adds Hybrid AI
10 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Google has announced improvements for Anthos, its application packaging and management platform for hybrid cloud. The updates include hybrid AI capabilities, support for more cloud providers, and a bare metal beta for running Anthos locally without a hypervisor.

C++ Picked Out By TIOBE - An Odd Choice?
10 Sep | Sue Gee
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The TIOBE Community Index which ranks programming languages in terms of their popularity is updated once per month. The headline for September 2020 reads "Programming Language C++ is doing very well". 



Books of the Week

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 Kay Ewbank awarded this book a rating of 4 out of 5, concluding:

This is a useful book if you're wanting to learn about how to use classic statistical methods to find out underlying information in a large dataset.

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