December Week 4
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Saturday, 02 January 2021

Happy New Year from the team at I Programmer. We hope you have enjoyed the news, articles and book reviews we've brought you during 2020 and will continue to visit us, and share what you find interesting with your friends and colleagues, in 2021.

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December 24 - 30, 2020    

Featured Articles  

Raspberry Pi IoT In C - 1-Wire Via Serial
Harry Fairhead
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The serial port is capable of decoding more protocols than just R3232. For example you can use it to work with 1-Wire bus devices and it is easy and reliable. This is an extract from the newly-published Raspberry Pi IoT in C, Second Edition.

Holiday Reading 2020
Kay Ewbank
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We've almost made it through the weirdness that is 2020, and sitting out the rest of it with a good book sounds like a plan. Immerse yourself in one of our top titles and avoid the endless round of news on Covid, lockdowns, and travel restrictions.


Programming News and Views  

Do You Love Me? Boston Dynamics Robots Show How Good They Are
30 Dec | Lucy Black
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 ... at dancing. But don't be put off by this frivolous description. This is not an entirely frivolous display. If there is one robot video you watch this year make it this one.

Coursera For New Year-Long Opportunity
30 Dec | Sue Gee
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Coursera, the online course provider which partners with leading universities and companies to deliver courses, certificates and even degrees has a great offer to welcome in 2021 - over $100 off a Coursera Plus subscription. 

Too Good To Miss: The Robot Panda Problem - Fun CS Theory
29 Dec | Mike James
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Some of our news items deserve a second chance. Here's one from May 2020 that fits our "Too Good" criteria. It isn't really news, but I think it's fun and deserves to be better known. It's the robot panda problem, otherwise known as the Bamboo Garden Trimming (BGT) problem.

Apache Kafka 2.7 Updates Broker
29 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Kafka, the big data and datastreams platform, has been updated in a new version that the developers say moves closer to replacing ZooKeeper in Kafka with a self-managed metadata quorum.

Amoeba Solves Traveling Salesman Problem
28 Dec | Mike James
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The traveling salesman problem is NP-hard so you really wouldn't expect a brainless amoeba to solve it - or would you?

An Inverted Pendulum for Xmas
27 Dec | Lucy Black
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This year's holiday robot videos have been a bit predictable, but at last I found one that was interesting - an inverted pendulum balanced by a drone.

Xmas Tree? Sorted!
25 Dec | Mike James
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Yes I know we have all seen enough visualizations of sorting algorithms to last a lifetime - which is how long a bubble sort generally takes. But it's the holiday season and sorting is one programmer way to create a tree.

Trees And Heaps For Xmas - A Programmer At Xmas
24 Dec | Mike James
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'Tis that time of year when it is OK to use the word 'tis. Programmers are a funny lot, keen and eager to program, but they too are forced to stand away from the keyboard and stop coding. Why exactly? Well there are festive treats to open and consume and Xmas is a CS problem in its own right.


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Reviewer: Mike James  Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Verdict: This is a math book that groups together some, but far from all, of the mathematical ideas you will encounter in machine learning. Personally I'd prefer to read a book on machine learning, neural networks or reinforcement learning and find books on any math I failed to understand to fill in the gaps. 

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