MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing Generally Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 13 May 2024

The MongoDB developers have announced that MongoDB Atlas now has support for stream processing. The news was announced at MongoDB.Local NYC.

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that stores its documents in a JSON-like format with schema.  MongoDB Atlas is the fully managed global cloud version of the software that can be run on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.


The developers say MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing makes it easier to use real-time data from a wide variety of sources. The announcement says the feature can be used to make use of data in motion and data at rest to power event-driven applications that can respond to changing conditions. Streaming data from sources like IoT devices is highly dynamic, and the stream processing is designed to let organizations do more with their data in less time and with less operational overhead.

Alongside the stream processing, the team announced that MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes is now generally available on AWS and Google Cloud, and in preview on Microsoft Azure. This provides infrastructure for generative AI and relevance-based search workloads that use MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and MongoDB Atlas Search. MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes are independent of core operational database nodes and can be used to isolate workloads, optimize costs, and reduce query times by up to 60 percent. The feature can also be used to run highly available generative AI and relevance-based search workloads at scale. The MongoDB team also announced the general availability of MongoDB Atlas Vector Search on Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock, saying this will enable organizations to build generative AI application features using fully managed foundation models (FMs) more easily.

Another preview, MongoDB Atlas Edge Server, was also announced for deploying and operating distributed applications in the cloud and at the edge. Edge Server provides a local instance of MongoDB with a synchronization server that runs on local or remote infrastructure, meaning applications can access operational data even with intermittent connections to the cloud.

The new features are available now on the MongoDB website.


More Information

MongoDB Website

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