Visual Studio 17.11 Focuses On Quality Of Life
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 10 June 2024

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2022 v17.11 Preview 1, the first preview of the next update for Visual Studio 2022. The developers say this update focuses on quality of life improvements for developers. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also released an updated version of new Extension Manager as an on-by-default preview feature starting with Visual Studio 17.10.

Visual Studio 2022 follows the Microsoft Product Fixed Lifecycle Policy of 10 years. The first 5 years of mainstream support provide new features, platform updates, security updates, functionality fixes, and quality improvements.


The new Extension Manager lets developers browse the Visual Studio Marketplace for new extensions, as well as letting you view and manage your installed extensions, find any updates for extensions, and install any extensions for which you have roaming enabled.

While the description of the preview of 17.11 talks about quality of life features, in more practical terms this means things such as the ability to limit the scope of answers to code search, and new templates for creating pull requests.

The ability to set scopes for code search means you can now choose to set the scope to Entire solution, Current project, or Current document and toggle inclusion of external files. You can also set different scopes for different filters.

search scope in Visual Studio

Another improvement is the ability to create pull request drafts and start your descriptions with GitHub templates in Visual Studio.

User authentication is better in this version as Visual Studio now uses the Windows authentication broker, the Web Account Manager (WAM) as its main authentication mechanism.

Support for NPM use has also been improved to enable you to see your NPM packages under the Dependencies node in Solution Explorer. You will now also see your NPM packages listed in Solution Explorer for JavaScript and TypeScript projects.

Developers using Visual Studio for games development will also see some enhancements with the ability to add additional common Unreal Engine class templates to projects with the new Add Class dialog; and the addition of a new Unreal Engine toolbar that provides quick access to Unreal Engine related actions.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 of 17.11 is available now.


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