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1 FORTRAN - A Breakthrough Computer Language
2 From the Archives: The Homebrew Cray-1A
3 Windows 95 Turns 25
4 10 Years On: Oracle V Google Still Ongoing
5 Bill English - The Master Behind The Mouse
6 The Bit Player - Shannon Bio Pic On Amazon
7 Open Source Software Buried For The Long Term
8 Microsoft Solitaire Is 30 Years Old
9 Edsger Dijkstra Born This Day In 1930
10 John Conway Dies From Coronavirus
11 Computer Graphics Pioneers Win 2019 Turing Award
12 BBVA Frontiers Award Recognizes Advances In Machine Learning
13 The Word Robot Invented 100 Years Ago
14 Classic Games Featured On UK Stamps
15 First Ever Dijkstra Fellowship Shared by David Chaum and Guido van Rossum
16 Charles Babbage Born This Day In 1791
17 Grace Hopper Celebrated Today
18 GitHub's Arctic Archive
19 Unix Celebrates 50 Years
20 Inside Bill's Brain - A Bill Gates Documentary On Netflix
21 Linux Kernel Turns 28 Today
22 Alan Turing On £50 Note
23 Moonlight Tribute To Margaret Hamilton's Apollo Code
24 Historical Highway Marker Celebrating BASIC
25 ENIAC Operating Manual
26 Experience the PDP-11/70 With Raspberry Pi
27 Computer History Museum Welcomes New Fellows
28 Reconstructed Heath Robinson Codebreaking Machine Unveiled
29 Linus Torvalds On Linux Past, Present and Future
30 Hinton, LeCun and Bengio Receive 2018 Turing Award
31 Ivan Sutherland Wins Frontiers of Knowledge Award
32 Sir Tony Hoare On Concurrency
33 Internet Pioneer Lawrence Roberts Has Died
34 Doug Engelbart's Mother of All Demos 50 years On
35 Grace Hopper's 112th Birthday
36 Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft, Dies
37 20 Years of Google
38 Turing Bombe Breaks Enigma Messages Again
39 Gerald Weinberg - A Seminal Influence On Programming
40 Google Doodle For Gottfried Leibniz
41 Explore Computer History With BBC Archive
42 Bombe Goes On Display To Celebrate Alan Turing Anniversary
43 Official Discrimination In Britain's Computer Industry
44 GPS Chief Architect Brad Parkinson Awarded IEEE Medal
45 Internet Pioneers Awarded Franklin Medal
46 Mozilla Turns Twenty Years Old
47 It's Not Too Late - Your Own Altair 8800
48 Google Supporting Grace Hopper Biopic
49 Python Creator Is Computer History Museum 2018 Fellow
50 Plan 28 - Can Babbage's Analytical Engine Be Built?
51 Prestigious Prize For Bjarne Stroustrup
52 Hewlett-Packard Archive Destroyed
53 Creator of cURL Awarded Prestigious Swedish Prize
54 Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded IET Faraday Medal
55 Chip Hall of Fame - A Walk Down Memory Lane
56 Jean Sammet, Programming Pioneer
57 Commemorating the Creator of Prolog, Alain Colmerauer
58 Virtual Lorenz Machine Honors Bill Tutte
59 Test Of Time Award For Classic Paper On Bow-Tie Structure Of The Web
60 Douglas Hartree - Analog Computing With Meccano
61 Another Apple 1 At Auction
62 SHAKEY The Robot Honored
63 Commemorating the Birthday in 1791 of Charles Babbage
64 The Life and Times Of Admiral Grace Hopper - Infographic
65 BBC Micro Turns 35
66 Big Hex Machine
67 //No Comment - Three Videos, Alan Kay, Donald Knuth & Bjarne Stroustrup
68 Grace Hopper & Margaret Hamilton Honored With Presidential Medal of Freedom
69 Model Of ENIAC Accumulator Wins Tony Sale Award
70 Jay Forrester Dies Aged 98
71 1950’s Celebrity Robot George Embarks On World Tour
72 Fortran At 60 Still Going Strong
73 Women In STEM Receive Awards On Ada Lovelace Day 2016
74 Turing's Computer Music
75 Original EDSAC Programmers Look Back
76 Unique Apple I Sold At Auction
77 Margaret Hamilton Pioneering Software Engineer
78 Hollerith Census Machine - A Milestone In Big Data Big
79 Gary Kildall Memoir Available to Download
80 LOGO Creator Seymour Papert Dies
81 IEEE Milestone for ASCII
82 Google Doodle for Claude Shannon's 100th Anniversary.
83 Deep Learning On Babbage's Analytical Engine
84 BBC Micro To micro:bit
85 HEC 1950s Business Computer Goes On Display
86 Marvin Minsky, Father of Artificial Intelligence Dies Aged 88
87 Software Pioneer Edward Yourdon Dies
88 Sutherland's Trojan Cockroach On Show
89 Peter Naur Dies Aged 87
90 John Von Neumann Born On This Day In 1903
91 Celebrate Charles Babbage's Birthday With LEGO
92 A History Of Programming Languages For Two Voices
93 NORAD Santa Tracker Celebrates Sixty Years
94 Integrating EDSAC
95 Word Of The Year Is An Emoji
96 Computer Pioneer Gene Amdahl Dies
97 Google Doodle For Boole 200
98 Celebrate the 200th Birthday of George Boole With Logic
99 Simulating the Turing-Welchman Bombe With A Pi
100 PiDP - A Pi Based PDP-8/I
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