Photography & Imaging
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1 OpenCV 4.0 Says Goodbye To C
2 DeOldify - Auto Colorization
3 Amazon Releases Cameras Recap API
4 Neural Networks Learn To Remove Noise Without Seeing A Good Image
5 Google Clips - The Death of the Photographer
6 Perfect Pictures In Almost Zero Light
7 Open Media Alliance AV1 Is Better Than JPEG
8 Seeing Around Corners
9 Computational Photography Moves Beyond The Camera
10 Crowd Sourced Solar Eclipse Megamovie
11 Google Implements AI Landscape Photographer
12 Using Super Seeing To See Photosynthesis
13 Guetzli Makes JPEGs Smaller
14 //No Comment - Lensless Photography, Automatic Studio & Better Astro Shots
15 //No Comment - Super Resolution, Face Aging & Gender-From-Iris
16 //No Comment - Semantic Compression & Face Synthesis
17 Image Compression With AI
18 Google Turns Your Phone Into A Photo Scanner
19 //No Comment - Cardboard Camera, Image Compression With NN & Anemia Detection
20 //No Comment - Super Resolution
21 Selfie Righteous - Corrects Selfie Perspective
22 Google Presents --- Motion Stills
23 A Neural Net Creates Movies In The Style Of Any Artist
24 Computational Photography Shows Hi-Res Mars
25 A Neural Net Colorizes Photos
26 PlaNet Good At Photo GeoLocation
27 Removing Reflections And Obstructions From Photos
28 FlatCam - Who Needs A Lens?
29 Separating Reflection And Image
30 Time-Lapse Videos From Internet Photos
31 Microsoft Hyperlapse Ready For Use
32 Fujifilm Has A Patent On Converting To Greyscale
33 Seeing Buildings Shake With Software
34 Automatic High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
35 Microsoft Research Updates Image Composition Editor
36 SparkleVision - Seeing Through The Glitter
37 See Invisible Motion, Hear Silent Sounds Cool? Creepy?
38 Taking The Shake Out Of GoPro
39 Extracting Audio By Watching A Potato Chip Packet
40 Raspberry Pi Photo Competition Results Are Stunning
41 The Display That Does Away With Glasses
42 Mozjpeg 2 Makes Pictures Smaller
43 Computational Camouflage Hides Things In Plain Sight
44 OTTO - The Hackable Raspberry Pi GIF Camera
45 Google Has Software To Make Cameras Worse
46 Mozilla Wants To Take A Byte Out Of JPEGs
47 CSI Style Zoom Sees Faces Reflected In The Eye
48 Any Mobile Camera Can Be A 3D Scanner
49 No More Bad Hair Days
50 Megastereo - Panoramas With Depth
51 Imaging The Pulse
52 Google - We Have Ways Of Making You Smile
53 Let AI Curate Your Photos
54 Dove's Un-retoucher - Malware As Ad Campaign
55 Super Seeing Software Ready To Download
56 Computational Photography On A Chip
57 Blink If You Don't Want To Miss it
58 Plenoptic Sensors For Computational Photography
59 Babbage Difference Engine In Gigapixels
60 Camera Fast Enough To Track Ping Pong Balls
61 Halide - New Language For Image Processing
62 IARPA Awards $15.6 Million To Find Where A Photo Was Taken
63 Microsoft Cliplets Now Do GIF
64 Super Seeing - Eulerian Magnification
65 What Users Want From Photo Apps
66 Almost Still Photos - Free Cliplet App From MS Research
67 New Algorithm Takes Spoilers Out of Pics