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1 Mongita Embedded MongoDB Alternative Announced
2 Google Releases Logic Programming Language
3 Apache Ignite Adds Spark DataFrames Support
4 Apache Daffodil Now Top Level Project
5 Hasura GraphQL Adds REST Support
6 Apache Gobblin Reaches Top Level Status
7 Apache Arrow Improves C++ Support
8 ScaleOut Improves Dev Support For Streaming Analytics
9 Apache Superset Reaches Top Level Project Status
10 PostgreSQL Is DB-Engines DBMS of the Year For 2020
11 BlocklySQL - Visual SQL Programming
12 MariaDB Certified For Power BI
13 Amazon Adds SQL Support To DynamoDB
14 DataGrip Adds SQL For MongoDB
15 CockroachDB 20.2 Adds PostGIS Spatial Data Support
16 MongoDB Trends
17 An Introduction to Neo4j
18 Neo4j Announces Graph Machine Learning Framework
19 Amazon Time Series Database Reaches General Availability
20 Couchbase Connect Goes Online
21 Analytic SQL for Developers
22 Cockroach Creates Pebble
23 SQLite 3.33 Increases Maximum Database Size
24 MongoDB Improves Query Language
25 Hadoop 3.3 Adds ARM Support
26 RavenDB Adds Time Series Query Support
27 PostgreSQL Multi-Model Graph Extension Announced
28 Oracle In-Memory Data Grid Now Open Source
29 SQLite Gets Jupyter Kernel
30 SQLite Fixes Security Flaw
31 CockroachDB 20.1 Improves App Development
32 Free Database Schemas From DrawSQL
33 CouchDB Adds Live Shard Splitting
34 MariaDB Announces Cloud Native Open Source DB
35 dtSearch Database Indexer Adds SQL Support
36 PostgREST Turns PostGRE RESTful
37 SQl Server 2019 Now Generally Available
38 CockroachCloud Enters Beta
39 Amazon Migrates Away From Oracle DB
40 PostgreSQL 12 Released
41 SQLite Improves Nulls Support
42 Cloudera Extends Apache HBase To Use Amazon S3
43 Graph Query Language Gets Official Adoption
44 Waltz Write Ahead Log Open Sourced
45 ScyllaDB Launches DynamoDB Migration Tool
46 Dqlite extends SQLite To Clusters
47 FaunaDB Adds Native GraphQL Support
48 Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL Generally Available
49 Percona's DBMS Popularity Survey
50 MariaDB 10.4 Reaches Release Candidate Status
51 Ebay Open Sources Beam
52 ZetaSQL Parser & Analyzer Code Released
53 Studio3T MongoDB GUI Adds Migration
54 Redis Adds TimeSeries And AI Support
55 MariaDB Announces New Enterprise Server
56 Debezium 0.9 Final Released
57 DigitalOcean Launches Managed Database Service
58 SQLite Introduces Vacuum Into
59 Google Firestore Released
60 Scylla DB Adds Materialized Views
61 MongoDB Updates Charts Tool
62 The Enduring Influence Of Postgres
63 MariaDB Adds Node.js Connector
64 DataGrip Adds Cassandra Support
65 FoundationDB Adds Multi-region Support
66 TimescaleDB Production Ready
67 PipelineDB Released As PostgreSQL Extension
68 Redis Adds Streams Support
69 Microsoft Developer Blogs On The Move
70 PostgreSQL 11 RC Available
71 SQL Server 2019 Includes Hadoop And Spark
72 SQLite Adds Support For Window Functions
73 MongoDB 4 Released
74 dbForge Adds Support for MySQL 8.0
75 EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Blockchain AMA
76 Amazon Neptune Graph DB Reaches GA
77 Azure Cosmos DB Gets Multi-Masters
78 Apple Open Sources FoundationDB
79 MySQL 8 Improves JSON
80 CockroachDB Adds GDPR Compliance
81 MariaDB 10.3 Release Candidate
82 MongoDB 4.0 Gets Multi-Doc ACID Support
83 SQLite Adds Zipfile Support
84 DataGrip Adds Group Data Sources
85 dbForge Adds Data Generator
86 MyRocks For Percona Server
87 Amazon Neptune Graph Database
88 Microsoft SQL Operations Studio With Smart GUI
89 Apache Kylin Gets Table Level ACL Management
90 Kafka Gets KSQL JDBC Driver
91 Kafka 1 Becomes More Tolerant
92 MapR-DB Adds Native Secondary Indexes
93 Google Launches Firestore
94 SQL Server 2017 GA For Linux And Windows
95 PostgreSQL Improves Declarative Partitioning
96 IBM Big SQL Sandbox
97 Apache Kylin Adds RDBMS Support
98 Developer Edition Of FaunaDB Enters Preview
99 Oracle Database Programming Interface for C
100 Apache Curator Adds Support For TTL Nodes
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