Artificial Intelligence
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501 A Swarm of Quadrotors
502 Evi Overloaded
503 The Perfect Fit - thanks to Kinect-technology
504 AI Can Find Long Lost Relatives
505 Ants AI Challenge Winner Announced
506 Google Uses AI to Find Where You Live
507 Strong v Weak AI - The Chinese Room in 60 seconds
508 One-Shot-Learning Gesture Challenge
509 AI At The Crossroads - predicting who is going to run a red light
510 Siri Enslaved by Proxy
511 Neural Networks for Fossil Discovery
512 DARPA Shredder Challenge
513 What do you get when you add HAL to SIRI?
514 Rosette wins Loebner Prize 2011
515 Take the AI Ants Challenge
516 Iris - Siri for Android proves Apple doesn't have an edge
517 Google’s Prediction API exits labs
518 Changing rooms - let AI arrange the furniture
519 Strongsteam - an online AI API
520 Speech Recognition Breakthrough
521 Two chatbots chat to each other - hilarious and weird
522 runs a competition for an unpaid job
523 China and the rise of the driverless car
524 Your phone detects what you are doing
525 Your tweets give away your gender
526 This website knows when you're angry!
527 Kinect knows what you are doing...
528 Pac-Man meets AI
529 Learn about machine learning with a demo
530 Teaching Robots To Read
531 Music video crowd sourced training data
532 Google Prediction API update
533 Google Prediction API v1.2
534 Google teaches computers regret
535 AI gender detector
536 Predator better than Kinect?
537 Sebastian Thrun on Google's driverless car
538 Augmented Reality App for shelf reading
539 Kinect's AI breakthrough explained
540 Kinect goes self aware - a warning
541 Robot in space
542 Close Finish in Robot Marathon
543 Five contestants race in robot marathon
544 Watson wins on Jeopardy
545 A Robot Marathon
546 Crowd sourcing replaces journalists
547 RoboEarth - a web for robots
548 Artificial retinas see well enough to balance a pencil
549 Industrial robot in performance (video)
550 Quadrotor Swarm Constructors (video)
551 AI does well on Jeopardy
552 Google Goggles solves Sudoku
553 Google to start charging for Prediction API
554 A Robot Tour
555 Microsoft Research takes on Go
556 IBM takes on Jeopardy - has AI really got this far?
557 Semantic Web Journal - free online
558 Micromouse 2010
559 Air Muscles Power Festo's Humanoid Robot
560 Multi-vehicle robot competition results
561 How Kinect tracks people
562 Open source AI library adds algorithms
563 ASIMO celebrates 10th anniversary
564 Meet Suzette, prize winning chatbot
565 Google drives a car
566 Robot swarms take to the air
567 Google gets into AI with an API
568 New Open Source Semantic Engine
569 It's life but not ...
570 Swarm Intelligence Month
571 Brain-like computing?
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