Artificial Intelligence
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101 AI Translates From One Programming Language To Another
102 From Ears To Faces
103 AWS And Facebook Launch PyTorch Tools
104 Machine Learning Python Plugins For GIMP
105 Free Virtual Conference AI For Healthcare From Udacity
106 IBM's Elyra AI Toolkit
107 Introducing DeepSpeech
108 Tensorflow 2.0 In 7 Hours
109 Alpha Go - Documentary Now Freely Available
110 LInQer ports .NET LINQ to Javascript
111 DeepCode Launches Atom Plugin
112 Training A Cellular Automaton
113 Microsoft Releases DeepSpeed For PyTorch
114 Lottery Ticket Hypothesis - Who Needs Backprop Just Prune
115 We Have The Wiring Of A Fly's Brain - Now What?
116 Google Open Sources Albert NLP
117 Using GANs For Underwater Color Images
118 Too Good To Miss: Neurons Are Two-Layer Networks
119 AI Helps Make Chess Better
120 Too Good To Miss: Our Robot Overlords Attempt To Master Jenga
121 Robert Downey Jr Presents AI On YouTube
122 Mozilla DeepSpeech Gets Smaller
123 Netflix Opensources Metaflow
124 CodeGuru For Automated Code Review
125 Sagemaker Studio - An IDE for Machine Learning
126 Go Master Retires Citing AI Supremacy
127 DNA-Net - Machine Learning for Designer Offspring?
128 LG Auptimizer Open Sourced
129 Apache SINGA Reaches Top Level Status
130 Facebook Releases Detectron2
131 GANalyze - What Makes Pictures Memorable?
132 AI Wins At Rubik's Cube With Just One Hand
133 Machine Learning With App Inventor
134 SpaCy Natural Language Processing Library Released
135 We Still Beat AI At Angry Birds
136 Transformers Offers NLP For TensorFlow and PyTorch
137 Google Comics Factory Makes ML Easy
138 TensorFlow 2 Offers Faster Model Training
139 CodeSearchNet Challenge To Improve Semantic Code Search
140 Facebook Open Sources Natural Language Processing Model
141 Google Has A Network More Like The Brain
142 Raiders Of The Lost Art
143 GymCam Tracks Your Workout
144 DeepMind Solves Quantum Chemistry
145 All You Wanted To Know About AI From DeepMind
146 AI Learns To Solve Rubik's Cube - Fast!
147 CROKAGE Gets Stack Overflow Answers For You
148 Computer Vision - Reconstruct -> Recognize
149 PyTorch Adds TorchScript API
150 China's Tianjic Chip Rides A Bike
151 AI Helps Map A Brain
152 Microsoft Open Sources Natural Language Processing Tool
153 How AI Discriminates
154 State of AI 2019 Report
155 Finland's "Full Stack Open" Now Available in English
156 GANPaint: Using AI For Art
157 Microsoft Open Sources AI Debugging Tool
158 Machine Learning For Cat Control
159 Deep Learning from the Foundations
160 Trends In AI Jobs Landscape
161 Does OpenAI's GPT-2 Neural Network Pose a Threat to Democracy?
162 Kedro Open Source library For Machine Learning
163 Dashing Diademata, the Future of ROS
164 Cooperative AI Beats Humans at Quake CTF
165 Speech2Face - Give Me The Voice And I Will Give You The Face
166 SAP's Creating Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence
167 OpenAI Fellows Program Restarting In July
168 GANs Create Talking Avatars From One Photo
169 How Do Open Source Deep Learning Frameworks Stack Up?
170 Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning
171 The State Of AI According To Rodney Brooks
172 Inventor Of GANs Joins Apple
173 Bach Google Doodle - AI Powered Creativity
174 Not All AI Startups In Europe Use AI
175 AI Driving Olympics - A Duckietown Challenge
176 Apache MXNet Deep Learning Adds Julia API
177 AI For Everyone Now Underway
178 AI Takes Control Of A Wind Farm
179 TCAV Explains How AI Reaches A Decision
180 Facebook's Automated Bug Fixers
181 Amazon's Delivery Scout
182 AI System Shows Food Image Based On Recipe
183 Last Call To Join Google's AI Impact Challenge
184 Machine Learning For .NET
185 Neural Networks In JavaScript With Brain.js
186 Zalando Flair NLP Library Updated
187 AlphaFold DeepMind's Protein Structure Breakthrough
188 Amazon's DeepRacer - Careful What You Wish For
189 Machine Learning At All Levels On Coursera
190 Better Face Detection in Amazon Rekognition
191 Pyro Now On Watson Machine Learning
192 AI News Anchor - A First For China
193 Can You Build A Self-Driving Car In Six Months?
194 Learning to Sound like a Fender
195 Neuromorphic Supercomputer Up and Running
196 Baidu Makes Breakthrough in Simultaneous Translation
197 Nematode Worm Parks A Car
198 Playing a Piano and Composing Reduced to Eight Keys
199 AI Makes Deep Fake News
200 Infer.NET Machine Learning Framework Now Open Source
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