Artificial Intelligence
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1 AI Builds Lego From The Manual
2 Sony's AI Racer Wins By Being Nice
3 Generating Sentences Is Not Evidence of Sentience
4 No Language Left Behind - Meta's Progress Toward Universal Translation
5 Suspended For Claiming AI Is Sentient
6 Gato And Artificial General Intelligence
7 Lights, Camera, Sound - AI Improvements to Google Meet
8 LinkedIn Open Sources Feathr Machine Learning Feature Store
9 Applying AI To The Stock Market
10 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Society
11 How Trustworthy Is A Fake Face ?
12 Fake 70's Sci-Fi Courtesy Of Open AI
13 Can DeepMind's Alpha Code Outperform Human Coders?
14 Meta Builds AI Supercomputer
15 Amazon Offers Debugger For Machine Learning Models
16 The Year of AI 2021 - The Best Papers
17 IBM Open Sources CodeFlare
18 Brain In A Dish Learns To Play Pong
19 Microsoft Releases Open Source Distributed Machine Learning Library
20 Google AI Recreates Lost Klimt Artworks
21 PyTorch 1.10 Focuses on Improved Training and Performance
22 Intel Releases ControlFlag 1.0
23 The Third Age Of AI - Megatron-Turing NLG
24 Intel Open Sources AI Bug Checker
25 $1 Million Prize For AI That Benefits Society
26 AI Identifies Who Was Important In History
27 Ethics of AI - A Course From Finland
28 DeepMind Takes On The Rain
29 Trouble At The Heart Of AI?
30 Democratizing Spatial AI With OAK-D-Lite
31 Cohere - Pioneering Natural Language Understanding
32 RoboTaxi - A Safe Ride Through An Unruly Landscape
33 Neurons Are Smarter Than We Thought
34 Codex - English To Code
35 AlphaFold Reads The DNA
36 GAN Theft Auto - The Neural Network Is The Game
37 IBM Introduces Hybrid Cloud AI/ML Framework
38 $100 Million On Offer to AI Startups
39 IBM Releases CodeNet Dataset For AI Coding
40 Microsoft Unveils Power Apps Powered By GPT-3
41 Computer Comes First In Crossword Competition
42 Gradient Descent Via E.Coli
43 PyTorch 1.8 Improves FFT Support
44 Microsoft Adds Error Analysis To Open Source AI Toolkits
45 Using AI To Restore Popeye Cartoons
46 Build Your Own Computer Vision Device With OpenCV and SuperAnnotate
47 Colorization Of Early Films Good or Bad?
48 Memories Enhanced By Google
49 Create Festive Songs With Google's Blob Opera
50 AlphaFold Solves Fundamental Biology Problem
51 Google Offers AI Help To Create Fantasy Creatures
52 Spatial AI Competition A Winner
53 Nvidia's AI Supercomputer For Medical Research And Drug Discovery
54 World Gone Mad - Computer Vision: The Universal Interface
55 PyTorch Adds New APIs
56 Tesla Autopilot Easily Confused By Phantom Images
57 Hum Alonga Google
58 AI Replaces Thousand Dollar Guitar Tube Amps
59 Google Anthos Adds Hybrid AI
60 OpenAI's GPT-3 Pricing Model
61 Google Announces New Machine Learning Services
62 AI Beats Human Pilot In DARPA Dogfight
63 Elyra JupyterLab AI Extension Improves Usability
64 Microsoft Research Improves AI In Gaming
65 The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of GPT-3
66 Pluralsight Upskilling For AWS DeepRacer
67 Ants Show The Way To Manage Vehicles
68 OpenCV AI Kit On Kickstarter
69 Help Curiosity Avoid Sand On Mars
70 Updated AI Fairness 360 Toolkit Supports R and Scikit-learn
71 DeepFaceDrawing Using Machine Learning
72 AI Translates From One Programming Language To Another
73 From Ears To Faces
74 AWS And Facebook Launch PyTorch Tools
75 Machine Learning Python Plugins For GIMP
76 Free Virtual Conference AI For Healthcare From Udacity
77 IBM's Elyra AI Toolkit
78 Introducing DeepSpeech
79 Tensorflow 2.0 In 7 Hours
80 Alpha Go - Documentary Now Freely Available
81 LInQer ports .NET LINQ to Javascript
82 DeepCode Launches Atom Plugin
83 Training A Cellular Automaton
84 Microsoft Releases DeepSpeed For PyTorch
85 Lottery Ticket Hypothesis - Who Needs Backprop Just Prune
86 We Have The Wiring Of A Fly's Brain - Now What?
87 Google Open Sources Albert NLP
88 Using GANs For Underwater Color Images
89 Too Good To Miss: Neurons Are Two-Layer Networks
90 AI Helps Make Chess Better
91 Too Good To Miss: Our Robot Overlords Attempt To Master Jenga
92 Robert Downey Jr Presents AI On YouTube
93 Mozilla DeepSpeech Gets Smaller
94 Netflix Opensources Metaflow
95 CodeGuru For Automated Code Review
96 Sagemaker Studio - An IDE for Machine Learning
97 Go Master Retires Citing AI Supremacy
98 DNA-Net - Machine Learning for Designer Offspring?
99 LG Auptimizer Open Sourced
100 Apache SINGA Reaches Top Level Status
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