Artificial Intelligence
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1 Tell A Chatbot "Take a deep breath ..." For Better Answers
2 AI Beats Theory And Racing Drone Pilots
3 AI Pioneer Douglas Lenat
4 Learn To Chat with Your Data For Free
5 RT-2 A Breakthrough For Robot Control
6 Microsoft Introduces TypeChat
7 Robots Address The United Nations
8 Master LLMs On Data For Free
9 Apache Spark Now Understands English
10 The Hugging Face NLP Course
11 AI Invents First New Sorting Algorithm
12 Vercel Announces AI Accelerator And Playground
13 Google Announces MediaPipe Model Maker
14 Spectacular Advances In MicroMouse Performance
15 NVIDIA Open Sources NeMo Guardrails
16 Pain And Panic Over Rogue AI - We Need a Balance
17 GPT For Regex - Pros And Cons
18 IBM Announces WatsonX AI Platform
19 Free Course On ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
20 Stack Overflow Traffic Slumps As Devs Turn to ChatGPT
21 Demis Hassabis & Fei-Fei Li Are Up Beat On AI
22 AI Advances At Google I/O
23 What Devs Think About AI
24 GitLab Announces AI-Assisted Vulnerability Checks
25 Hinton Explains His New Fear of AI
26 Geoffrey Hinton Leaves Google To Warn About AI
27 Google Adds Code Generation To Bard
28 Can Google DeepMind Win At AI?
29 AI Agents Organize A Party
30 Amazon's AI Wake-Up - Free Code Assistant
31 Self-Debugging Is Possible
32 Gauging Sentiment Towards AI Models
33 The Turing Test Is Past
34 Chat GPT 4 - Still Not Telling The Whole Truth
35 Google's Large Language Model Takes Control
36 Learn To Build ML Algorithms From Scratch With Python
37 NVIDIA Broadcast 1.4 Adds Eye Contact
38 Runaway Success Of ChatGPT
39 The Year of AI Breakthroughs 2022
40 WiFi Signals Can Reveal What You Are Doing
41 ChatGPT Coming Soon To Azure OpenAI Services
42 Disney Uses AI To Re-Age Faces
43 Geoffrey Hinton's New Way To Train Neural Networks
44 Responsible AI Course Free From Amazon
45 AI Helps Generate Buggy Code
46 Natural Language Processing Demystified
47 An Easy Introduction To Generative Adversarial Networks
48 Microsoft ML.NET 2 Adds Text Classification API
49 Microsoft Computer Vision Image Analysis Improves OCR Handling
50 DALL-E Images API In Public Beta
51 Learn Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch With Python
52 IBM Announces AI Libraries For Natural Language Processing
53 AI Understands HTML
54 Microsoft Updates Azure Cognitive Services
55 Ai-Da At The House Of Lords
56 Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries Now In Preview
57 Using AI For Duplicate Question Detection On Stack Overflow
58 AI Beats 50 Year Old Best Multiplication Algorithm
59 Whisper Open Source Speech Recognition You Can Use
60 Apache Adds ONNX Runtime To OpenNLP
61 SynapseML Now .NET Compatible
62 AI-Based Artwork Wins Prize
63 Alexa Teacher Models Outperform GPT-3
64 Boston Dynamics AI Institute Will Focus On Athletic AI
65 IBM Releases Deep Search For Scientific Discovery
66 Robot Dog From Rolling On Floor To Walking In One Hour
67 AI Builds Lego From The Manual
68 Sony's AI Racer Wins By Being Nice
69 Generating Sentences Is Not Evidence of Sentience
70 No Language Left Behind - Meta's Progress Toward Universal Translation
71 Suspended For Claiming AI Is Sentient
72 Gato And Artificial General Intelligence
73 Lights, Camera, Sound - AI Improvements to Google Meet
74 LinkedIn Open Sources Feathr Machine Learning Feature Store
75 Applying AI To The Stock Market
76 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Society
77 How Trustworthy Is A Fake Face ?
78 Fake 70's Sci-Fi Courtesy Of Open AI
79 Can DeepMind's Alpha Code Outperform Human Coders?
80 Meta Builds AI Supercomputer
81 Amazon Offers Debugger For Machine Learning Models
82 The Year of AI 2021 - The Best Papers
83 IBM Open Sources CodeFlare
84 Brain In A Dish Learns To Play Pong
85 Microsoft Releases Open Source Distributed Machine Learning Library
86 Google AI Recreates Lost Klimt Artworks
87 PyTorch 1.10 Focuses on Improved Training and Performance
88 Intel Releases ControlFlag 1.0
89 The Third Age Of AI - Microsoft's Megatron-Turing NLG
90 Intel Open Sources AI Bug Checker
91 $1 Million Prize For AI That Benefits Society
92 AI Identifies Who Was Important In History
93 Ethics of AI - A Course From Finland
94 DeepMind Takes On The Rain
95 Trouble At The Heart Of AI?
96 Democratizing Spatial AI With OAK-D-Lite
97 Cohere - Pioneering Natural Language Understanding
98 RoboTaxi - A Safe Ride Through An Unruly Landscape
99 Neurons Are Smarter Than We Thought
100 Codex - English To Code
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