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101 Apache Avro Adds ZStandard Support
102 Microsoft Graph Data Connect Now Generally Available
103 Databricks Delta Lake Now Open Source
104 Apache Arrow Adds DataFusion Rust-Native Engine
105 Apache Kudu 1.9 Adds Location Awareness
106 GraphQL Foundation Gets Bigger
107 Iodide - A New Tool For Scientific Communication And Exploration
108 Apache Daffodil Improves DFDL Compatibility
109 Databricks Delta Adds Faster Parquet Import
110 End Manual Data Entry in Excel - Thanks AI!
111 Predicting The Oscar Winner With Data Science
112 Athena Query Alterer Open Sourced
113 Data Studio Adds Interactive Charts
114 Computer Analysis Shows Music Getting Angrier
115 New Public Datasets Added To AWS
116 Hadoop Submarine Adds Deep Learning To Hadoop
117 TigerGraph Releases Cloud Version
118 Instaclustr Releases Cassandra Tools
119 RedisGraph Reaches General Availability
120 Pachyderm Gets Faster And Gets Funding
121 Scylla DB Adds HTAP
122 Dremio 3.0 Adds Data Catalog
123 Help For Mobile App Devs From Text Mining
124 RAPIDS GPU Data Analysis Platform Launched
125 Apache Kylin 2.5 Adds All-in-Spark Cubing Engine
126 Couchbase Launches JSON Analytics
127 Hortonworks Plans To Take Hadoop Cloud Native
128 Google Makes Dataset Discovery Easier
129 Apache HAWQ Moves To Top Level
130 Landoop Lenses Adds Protobuf Support
131 Kafka 2 Adds Support For ACLs
132 Kafka Graphs Framework Extends Kafka Streams
133 Apache Phoenix Now HBase 2.0 Compatible
134 Machine Learning Added To Azure HDInsight
135 Open Source GraphQL Engine Launched
136 MapR Adds Data Tiering
137 Excel Adds New Data Types
138 Apache Phoenix Improves HBase Support
139 Microsoft Showcases Key Value Store
140 Apache Flink 1.5.0 Adds Support For Broadcast State
141 Apache Impala Adds ODBC Scalar Functions
142 Apache Drill Adds YARN Support
143 Apache Releases Trafodion
144 Databricks Adds ML Model Export
145 Kylin 2.3.0 Adds SQL Server Support
146 Top 3 Languages For Big Data Programming
147 Twitter Heron Donated To Apache
148 Visual Spark Studio IDE For Spark Apps
149 Apache Beam Moves To Java 8
150 MapR Releases Docker Container For Local Development
151 Kafka Webview Released
152 Apache Samza Adds SQL
153 HBase 1.4 With New Shaded Client
154 Hadoop 3 Adds HDFS Erasure Coding
155 Apache Bigtop Adds OpenJDK 8 Support
156 Hadoop 2.9 Adds Resource Estimator
157 Spark Gets NLP Library
158 Apache PredictionIO Reaches Top Level Status
159 Azure Machine Learning Enhancements
160 Fast Data Requires New Frameworks
161 Comparing Kafka To RabbitMQ
162 The Stars Lie - App Ratings In Conflict
163 Apache Hive Adds Support For Set Operations
164 Apache Spark With Structured Streaming
165 Game Of Thrones Analysed
166 Grimoire Lab-GitHub - Stats On Steroids
167 Explore Your Favorite Topic With Stack Overflow's Interactive Trend Tool
168 How Many Tracks Does A DJ Have To Play?
169 Kaggle Enveloped By Google Cloud
170 Apache Arrow Adds Streaming Binary Format
171 Apache Kafka Adds New Streams API
172 Google Makes Data Studio Freer
173 Apache Beam Moves To Top Level
174 Spark BI Gets Fine Grain Security
175 \\No Comment - Influence of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity & The Statistical Mechanics of Human Weight Change
176 //No Comment - Cesium For Time-Series, Google Weather Data & Kissing Cuisines
177 Columbia Creates Data Set Cleaner
178 Apache Spark 2.0 Released
179 Apache Spark 2.0 Technical Preview
180 Google Data Studio 360
181 Linux Data Science Virtual Machine
182 Storm Reaches 1.0
183 SandDance Added To PowerBI
184 Census Analyzer Hints At Future
185 Apache Releases Spark 1.6
186 GCHQ Open Sources Gaffer
187 Flink Gets Event-time Streaming
188 Alan Turing Institute Starts Work
189 Spark 1.4 Released
190 Google Cloud Bigtable Beta
191 Azure Big Data Announcements
192 An Algorithm That Knows When You Switch Something On
193 Twitter Anomaly Detection Open Sourced
194 Twitter Can Identify Heart Disease
195 Flink Reaches Top Level Status
196 Twitter Indexes Every Single Tweet Ever
197 Apache Drill Reaches 0.6
198 Google Flu Trends Adopts New Model
199 SalesForce Wave
200 SQL At Hadoop Scale
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