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1 Streamlit 1.0 Adds Developer Support
2 Kafka 3.0 Released With KRaft
3 JetBrains Data Science IDE Now Open To All
4 Apache Drill 1.19 Milestone Release Adds Cassandra Connector
5 JetBrains Announces Data Science IDE
6 Apache Arrow 5 Improves Asynchronous Scanner
7 JetBrains Finds Spreadsheets Still Favorites For Big Data
8 JetBrains Releases Onsite Datalore For Enterprise
9 Cube.js Adds Storage Layer For Open Source Analytics
10 Amazon DocumentDB Adds Global Cluster Support
11 Amazon Redshift ML Now Generally Available
12 Apache Arrow 4 Adds New C++ Compute Functions
13 Amazon Releases Data IDE, Meet EMR Studio
14 Kafka Replaces Zookeeper With Quorum
15 Apache DataSketches Reaches Top Level Status
16 Apache Kafka 2.7 Updates Broker
17 Microsoft Adds Custom Data Types To Excel
18 Apache Arrow 2 Improves C++ and Rust Support
19 Google Data Studio Improves Analytics
20 Insights From Couchbase Connect
21 COVID Results Skewed By Faulty Data Import
22 Apache Druid Adds Ranger Integration
23 Human Genes Renamed To Please Excel
24 Apache Arrow Reaches 1.0
25 Google Extends BigQuery For Multi-Cloud Analytics
26 Redis Adds New Modules
27 Apache Samza Adds Container Placements API
28 Apache Hudi Achieves Top Level Status
29 Spark 3 Improves Python and SQL Support
30 TileDB Improves Sparse Array Support
31 Scylla Adds DynamoDB-Compatible API
32 Redis 6 Adds Multithreading I/O
33 Neo4j Launches Graph Data Science Framework
34 Kafka 2.5 Adds New Metrics And Improves Security
35 RedisGraph 2 Adds Full Text Search
36 Apache Flink StateFun 2 Released
37 Rapids Data Analysis Libraries Updated
38 GitHub For Data Under Development
39 Apache Druid Improves Compaction
40 MongoDB Adds GraphQL Support
41 Google Dataset Search Out Of Beta
42 GraphDB Goes Open Source
43 Splice Machine 3 Improves SQL Coverage
44 TigerGraph Improves Graph Database As A Service
45 Debezium 1.0 Increases Database Support
46 Apache Kylin Adds Real-time OLAP
47 Amazon Redshift Updates
48 New Database For Data Scientists
49 Neo4J Launches Cloud Graph Database
50 Project Cortex Adds AI To Office 365
51 Apache Arrow Flight Released
52 Grail Open Sources Bigslice Cluster Computing For Golang
53 Apache Rya Becomes Top Level Project
54 Google Open Sources Differential Privacy Library
55 Apache Flink 1.9 Adds New Query Engine
56 Apache Bigtop 1.4 Adds Smoke Test
57 Amazon Releases PartiQL, A One Stop Query Language
58 What Skills Do Data Scientists Need
59 PayPal Open Sources Hera
60 LinkedIn Open Sources Data Streaming Tool
61 Google Data Studio Improves Interactiveness
62 Apache Storm Reworked In Java
63 Amazon Open Sources Python Library for AWS Glue
64 Apache Avro Adds ZStandard Support
65 Microsoft Graph Data Connect Now Generally Available
66 Databricks Delta Lake Now Open Source
67 Apache Arrow Adds DataFusion Rust-Native Engine
68 Apache Kudu 1.9 Adds Location Awareness
69 GraphQL Foundation Gets Bigger
70 Iodide - A New Tool For Scientific Communication And Exploration
71 Apache Daffodil Improves DFDL Compatibility
72 Databricks Delta Adds Faster Parquet Import
73 End Manual Data Entry in Excel - Thanks AI!
74 Predicting The Oscar Winner With Data Science
75 Athena Query Alterer Open Sourced
76 Data Studio Adds Interactive Charts
77 Computer Analysis Shows Music Getting Angrier
78 New Public Datasets Added To AWS
79 Hadoop Submarine Adds Deep Learning To Hadoop
80 TigerGraph Releases Cloud Version
81 Instaclustr Releases Cassandra Tools
82 RedisGraph Reaches General Availability
83 Pachyderm Gets Faster And Gets Funding
84 Scylla DB Adds HTAP
85 Dremio 3.0 Adds Data Catalog
86 Help For Mobile App Devs From Text Mining
87 RAPIDS GPU Data Analysis Platform Launched
88 Apache Kylin 2.5 Adds All-in-Spark Cubing Engine
89 Couchbase Launches JSON Analytics
90 Hortonworks Plans To Take Hadoop Cloud Native
91 Google Makes Dataset Discovery Easier
92 Apache HAWQ Moves To Top Level
93 Landoop Lenses Adds Protobuf Support
94 Kafka 2 Adds Support For ACLs
95 Kafka Graphs Framework Extends Kafka Streams
96 Apache Phoenix Now HBase 2.0 Compatible
97 Machine Learning Added To Azure HDInsight
98 Open Source GraphQL Engine Launched
99 MapR Adds Data Tiering
100 Excel Adds New Data Types
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