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1 Microsoft Introduces SharePoint Embedded VSCode Extension
2 GitHub Explains Fundamentals Program
3 Google Rebrands Bard With Subscription
4 Visual Studio Code Adds Hey Code Voice Command
5 Docker Introduces Build Cloud
6 Red Hat Launches Developer Hub
7 Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro
8 Fluid Framework 2 Supports SharePoint Embedded
9 Microsoft Improves Code Coverage Tools
10 KSP2 Adds Kotlin K2 Support
11 Apache Releases NetBeans 20
12 JetBrains AI Coding Assistant Now Generally Available
13 VS Code Gets Better At Make C/C++
14 Notepad++ Twentieth Anniversary
15 Microsoft Launches SharePoint Embedded
16 Microsoft Announces New Tools at Ignite
17 PhpStorm Updated For PHP 8.3
18 Leporello.js - The Next Gen JavaScript IDE
19 GitHub Announces AI-Powered Changes
20 Apache Pekko 1.0 Released
21 Visual Studio Code Adds More Audio Cues
22 Lightbend Akka Updates Cloud And Edge Support
23 Geany 2 Simplifies Project Creation
24 GitLab 16.5 Adds Compliance Reports
25 Zenhub Releases Enterprise 4.0
26 JetBrains Launches Writerside Documentation Tool
27 Copilot Chat Improves Confidence and Enjoyment
28 Docker And Sysdig Partner Up To Secure The Software Supply Chain
29 GitHub Releases Innovation Graph
30 Model Your APIs With AWS Smithy
31 Redocly CLI - The Super Tool For API Management
32 GitHub Adds To Enterprise Importer
33 Windows Community Toolkit 8 Adds New Galleries
34 JetBrains Launches RustRover IDE
35 GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 Improves Security
36 Microsoft Discontinues Visual Studio For Mac
37 IBM Announces COBOL Modernizing Solution
38 Zenhub Incorporates AI-Powered Features
39 CMake Debugger Added To VS Code
40 Avalonia 11 Adds New Platform Support
41 Amazon Releases Jupyter Code Analysis Extension
42 Lightbend Improves Kalix Developer Experience
43 The Impact of Copilot Chat
44 JetBrains Updates IDEs With AI
45 OpenAPI Diff Prevents API Breakages
46 JetBrains Releases Qodana
47 JFrog Releases Curation
48 GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 Now Available
49 Microsoft Announces Fluent 2
50 Grasshopper For API Load Testing With Python
51 JetBrains Aqua Adds Playwright And Cypress Support
52 Microsoft Announces Dev Box Portal
53 Meta Releases Buck2 Build System
54 Cheerp C++ To Webassembly Compiler Now Open Source
55 Bearer - A New SAST Tool On The Block
56 JetBrains Releases RubyMine 2023.1
57 Github Provides Self-Service SBOMs
58 IntelliJ Updates UI
59 JetBrains Releases Webstorm 2023.1 With Improved UI
60 Git 2.40 Improves Jump
61 Curl 8 Is Here On Curl's 25th Birthday
62 GitHub Enterprise Server Adds Projects Support
63 Rapid Launches API Hub For Business
64 Zenhub Adds Issue Management
65 JetBrains Qodana Adds Taint Analysis For PHP
66 Intel Releases Quantum SDK
67 GitHub Announces CodeQL Improvements
68 VSCode Can Do More Than You Imagine
69 Ronin 2.0 – Open Source Ruby Toolkit For Security
70 Announcing Copilot For Business
71 GitHub Sunsets Subversion Support
72 Microsoft Teams Premium Now Available
73 Git-Sim - Use Git Fearlessly
74 GitLab Announces Remote Development Feature
75 Catching Up With PyCharm 2022.3
76 GitHub Adds Required Workflows For Actions
77 JetBrains Qodana Moves To The Cloud
78 TLDR Explains Code Like I Am Five
79 Edge Delta Releases Free Version
80 A Compiler Writing Playground
81 Visual Studio Code Now Supports Virtual Threads
82 Visual Studio Now Generally Available With Arm64 Support
83 Fiberplane Collaboration Tool Available In Beta
84 GitHub Introduces New Features At Universe 2022
85 JetBrains Releases Aqua Preview
86 Scrape The Web With Crawlee
87 JetBrains Fleet IDE Now In Public Preview
88 NetBeans 15 Improves Language Server Protocol Support
89 GitHub Copilot Provides Productivity Boost
90 CodeSee Launches Enterprise Code Mapping Tool
91 GitHub Enterprise Adds Support For Discussions
92 OS-Climate - Open Source To Tackle Climate Change
93 Real World Schema Exploring With Azimutt
94 Microsoft Launches .NET Community Toolkit
95 GitHub Releases Projects
96 RapidAPI Studio Launched
97 NetBeans 14 Extends JDK 17 Support
98 NODE-Red 3 Adds Monaco Text Editor
99 Visual Studio Code Adds Command Center And Server
100 What Loses Developers Precious Time?
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