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1 First Aid...Git!
2 Eclipse 2021-03 Adds Java 16 Support
3 JetBrains Launches TeamCity Cloud
4 Git Command Explorer
5 RubyMine Adds Ruby3 RBS Support
6 Code With Me For Pair Programming
7 Apache Isis 2 M5 Adds Spring Boot Integration
8 JetBrains Releases Projector For Swing
9 DataGrip 2021 Adds Azure MFA support
10 Automatic Off-By-One Detection
11 Regexploit - Put A Stop To Regular Expression DoS Attacks
12 Does Sigstore Really Secure The Supply Chain?
13 Oh My Git! The Game
14 Google Updates Apigee API Manager
15 RStudio Improves Python Support
16 JupyterLab 3 Released
17 Qt Moving To Commercial-Only LTS
18 Apache Camel Updates Kafka Connector
19 NetBeans Improves Java Support
20 Bash 5.1 Reworks Pathname Expansion
21 Google Apps Script API Receives Major Update
22 Get Super-Productive With JetBrains Space
23 GNU Octave Improves Matlab Compatibility
24 Visual Studio Integrates GitHub Accounts
25 EG: A Tool For API Snippets
26 Microsoft Releases Playwright Test Runner
27 Microsoft Aims For Better Visual Studio Extensions
28 Lightstep Adds New GitHub Action
29 GitPod Adds Native GitLab Integration
30 Edge Tools Added To VS Code
31 GitHub Code Scanning Generally Available
32 Flutter Adds Windows Support
33 GitHub Command Line Tool Reaches General Availability
34 GitHub Announces Container Registry
35 Emacs 27.1 Adds Native JSON Parsing
36 Visual Studio Code Improves Workbench
37 Kite Adds Jupyter Integration
38 Amazon CodeGuru Now Available
39 GitHub Introduces Super Linter
40 JetBrains Plugin Adds DeepCode Integration
41 GitLab 13.0 Improves Security
42 Grafana 7 Adds New Visualizations
43 Microsoft Credits AppGet Creator
44 Microsoft's Project Tye For Microservices
45 Google Releases Spanner Emulator
46 Microsoft Open Sources Fluid Framework
47 RStudio Improves Security
48 Semgrep - More Than Just a Glorified Grep
49 Microsoft Releases New Windows Package Manager
50 GitHub Desktop 2.5 Adds Tags
51 GitHub Strengthens Team Working
52 VS Online Rebranded As Codespaces
53 GitHub Free For All Teams
54 Microsoft Shuts Down TechNet Gallery
55 Visual Studio Preview 2 Revamps Git Functionality
56 NetBeans Adds JDK 14 Support
57 Uber Open Sources Piranha Stale Code Remover
58 Visual Studio Roadmap Updated For Spring
59 Google Launches Fuzzer Benchmarking Service
60 Apache Brooklyn V1 Adds Cloud Support
61 GitHub Actions API Enters Public Beta
62 Visual Studio Online Updated
63 GitHub Launches CLI Tool
64 Search Tool Released For Deleted Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles
65 KDevelop Improves C++ Support and Keeps Abreast of Python
66 Microsoft Application Inspector Open Sourced
67 Query Unicode From The Command Line
68 ActiveState Komodo IDE Now Free
69 IntelliJ IDEA Updated To Be Faster And Smaller
70 Microsoft Tools Up For Voice Era
71 Facebook Moves To Visual Studio Code
72 Visual Studio Online Is VS Code
73 Cyber.dic - Spellchecking For Tech Terms and Acronyms
74 Bazel 1.0 Released
75 Google Helps With Linux Scheduling With SchedViz
76 CyberChef - The Developer's Ultimate Toolbox
77 ReduKtor - Auto Debug For Kotlin
78 Kite - AI Powered Auto Completion for Python
79 Git Adds Switch And Restore
80 DeepCode Gets Cash And Opens Free Tier
81 Learn VIM with the OpenVim Interactive Tutorial
82 GitHub Desktop 2.0 Introduces Stashing and Rebasing
83 NetBeans Is A Top-Level Apache Project
84 GitHub Introduces Package Registry
85 RStudio Updated With Plumber Support
86 Machine Learning Applied to Game of Thrones
87 Microsoft Fluid Framework Reinvents OLE
88 Visual Studio Intellicode For All
89 Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Online
90 Run VSCode in the Browser
91 Atom 1.36 Speeds Fuzzy Find Performance
92 Open Source Visual Studio Code Without Trackers Launched
93 A MIT Crash Course On Hacker Tools
94 WebStorm Adds JavaScript Smart Intentions
95 Visual Studio 2019 Now Available
96 LiteCLI - SQLite Client with Autocomplete
97 Electron 4 Updates Chromium Support
98 NetBeans 10 Improves JDK 11 Support But Drops C/C++ Update: Not Really
99 Qt for Python Released
100 Git Improves Usability
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