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201 Amazon CodeGuru Now Available
202 GitHub Introduces Super Linter
203 JetBrains Plugin Adds DeepCode Integration
204 GitLab 13.0 Improves Security
205 Grafana 7 Adds New Visualizations
206 Microsoft Credits AppGet Creator
207 Microsoft's Project Tye For Microservices
208 Google Releases Spanner Emulator
209 Microsoft Open Sources Fluid Framework
210 RStudio Improves Security
211 Semgrep - More Than Just a Glorified Grep
212 Microsoft Releases New Windows Package Manager
213 GitHub Desktop 2.5 Adds Tags
214 GitHub Strengthens Team Working
215 VS Online Rebranded As Codespaces
216 GitHub Free For All Teams
217 Microsoft Shuts Down TechNet Gallery
218 Eclipse Releases Theia - Open Source VSCode Alternative
219 Visual Studio Preview 2 Revamps Git Functionality
220 NetBeans Adds JDK 14 Support
221 Uber Open Sources Piranha Stale Code Remover
222 Visual Studio Roadmap Updated For Spring
223 Google Launches Fuzzer Benchmarking Service
224 Apache Brooklyn V1 Adds Cloud Support
225 GitHub Actions API Enters Public Beta
226 Visual Studio Online Updated
227 GitHub Launches CLI Tool
228 Search Tool Released For Deleted Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles
229 KDevelop Improves C++ Support and Keeps Abreast of Python
230 Microsoft Application Inspector Open Sourced
231 Query Unicode From The Command Line
232 ActiveState Komodo IDE Now Free
233 IntelliJ IDEA Updated To Be Faster And Smaller
234 Microsoft Tools Up For Voice Era
235 Facebook Moves To Visual Studio Code
236 Visual Studio Online Is VS Code
237 Cyber.dic - Spellchecking For Tech Terms and Acronyms
238 Bazel 1.0 Released
239 Google Helps With Linux Scheduling With SchedViz
240 CyberChef - The Developer's Ultimate Toolbox
241 ReduKtor - Auto Debug For Kotlin
242 Kite - AI Powered Auto Completion for Python
243 Git Adds Switch And Restore
244 DeepCode Gets Cash And Opens Free Tier
245 Learn VIM with the OpenVim Interactive Tutorial
246 GitHub Desktop 2.0 Introduces Stashing and Rebasing
247 NetBeans Is A Top-Level Apache Project
248 GitHub Introduces Package Registry
249 RStudio Updated With Plumber Support
250 Machine Learning Applied to Game of Thrones
251 Microsoft Fluid Framework Reinvents OLE
252 Visual Studio Intellicode For All
253 Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Online
254 Run VSCode in the Browser
255 Atom 1.36 Speeds Fuzzy Find Performance
256 Open Source Visual Studio Code Without Trackers Launched
257 A MIT Crash Course On Hacker Tools
258 WebStorm Adds JavaScript Smart Intentions
259 Visual Studio 2019 Now Available
260 LiteCLI - SQLite Client with Autocomplete
261 Electron 4 Updates Chromium Support
262 NetBeans 10 Improves JDK 11 Support But Drops C/C++ Update: Not Really
263 Qt for Python Released
264 Git Improves Usability
265 Visual Studio 2019 Preview Integrates Live Share
266 GitHub Desktop Improves Merge Conflict Resolution
267 Ring UI Adds Light And Dark Support
268 Algojammer - Python Editor in the Style of Bret Victor
269 Visual Studio Roadmap Promises Better Debugger
270 Sourcegraph Powers Up Your Code Repository
271 CodeLobster Now Multi-Platform
272 MakeCode and CODAL Ease The Way To Programming Electronics
273 Visual Studio Team Services Revamped For Azure
274 Visual Studio For Mac Improves Reliability
275 GitHub Partners With Google To Improve Continuous Integration
276 Google Launches Blockchain ToolKit
277 Visual Studio IntelliCode Infers C# Coding Conventions
278 GitHub Enterprise 2.14 Adds Unified Search
279 Eclipse Photon With Full Rust Support
280 Atom Improves Find In Context
281 Atom v Visual Studio Code - The Unexpected Consequence Of Consolidation
282 Visual Studio 2019 Will Include IntelliCode
283 NetBeans 9 RC1 Ready to Go
284 Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Fully C++17 Compliant
285 GitHub Checks API For Continuous Integration
286 Stack Overflow Teams Now Available
287 The AI In The IDE - IntelliCode In Visual Studio
288 Bayou - AI To Help You Code
289 CLion Improves C++17 Support
290 Git 2.17 Clarifies Moved Code
291 Choosing Tools for Efficient Deployment on AWS
292 Ubisoft Applies AI To Code
293 Clang Now Compiles Chrome For Windows
294 Atom 1.24 Adds Asynchronous Content Menus
295 IntelliJ Improves Spring Boot Handling
296 Microsoft Closing Outlook REST API
297 GoLand Adds Go To IntelliJ
298 GitHub Enterprise Adds Global Webhooks
299 Intellij IDEA Improves Coding Assistance
300 Atom Adds Collaborative Coding
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