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1 The Cost of Bad, Insecure, Outdated and Unsuccessful Software
2 Jacob Ziv Awarded IEEE Medal of Honor For Data Compression
3 The Art Of Computer Programming - A Great Present
4 Your Brain On Code Isn't Like Your Brain On Language
5 Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course Free From NYU
6 Top Presents For Programmers
7 Staying Productive As A Solo Programmer
8 Ruby On Rails Survey
9 Did You Know Today Is Programmer Day?
10 Developers Happier Working From Home
11 Working At Home: Does It Impact Developer Productivity?
12 Practical Math for Frontend Developers
13 JetBrains Survey Reveals Professional Developers Spend Spare Time Programming
14 Architect of Hyperscale Datacenters Receives Award
15 Stack Overflow Survey - What Professional Developers Use
16 Cynthia Dwork Awarded 2020 Knuth Prize
17 HackerEarth Reveals Devs Desires For Change
18 Peter Shor Gains Frontiers Of Knowledge Award
19 Virtual Microsoft Build Focused On Developers, Free To All
20 Go Developer Survey Results Released
21 GitHub Satellite Virtual Conference
22 Remote Working and Developer Pay
23 Happy Developers Think More About Security
24 Are Developers Old At 40? Surely Not
25 Wanted - COBOL Programmers
26 Nina Balcan Is ACM Young Computer Professional of 2019
27 Access ACM Digital Library for Free
28 Conferences Going Virtual
29 David Silver Awarded ACM Prize In Computing
30 Google I/O 2020 Completely Wiped Out By Covid-19
31 Coronavirus Wipes Out Dev Events - UPDATE SxSW Now Cancelled
32 Who Are The Hackers and Why
33 Language Aptitude Not Math Predicts Programming Skill
34 Languages To Learn And Earn
35 Survey Says COBOL Still Going Strong
36 Are Developers Paid Fairly?
37 HackerRank Finds New Generation Gaps
38 What Makes Developers Tick
39 Countdown To Google I/O 2020 Has Begun
40 Devskiller Reveals Universal Demand For JavaScript
41 JetBrains Mono - A New Programming Font
42 The Software Industry Rallies Behind Google To Save Programming
43 Too Good To Miss: Are You A Difficult Developer?
44 Random Gifts For Programmers
45 A Tee Is Not Just For Xmas - Ten Top Tees
46 Know Your Worth - Insights Into Developer Pay
47 Find A DevFest Near You
48 What Does Computer Science Have To Do With Climate Change?
49 Upwork Discloses Freelance Pay Rates
50 Remote Working Works
51 Which Universities Have The Strongest Student Developers?
52 Appian Survey Reveals Satisfaction With Low Code
53 Data Scientist Best Paying Entry-Level Job Says Glassdoor
54 Peter Norvig - As We May Program
55 Inaugural ACM Chuck Thacker Breakthrough Award
56 The When and How Of Learning To Code
57 Machine Learning Engineer Rated Best Job 2019
58 New MSDN Blogs Broken
59 What's Hot In Software Engineering in 2019
60 EEF Calls For Supreme Court To Decide If APIs Copyrightable
61 Insights From Devskiller's Code Skills Testing
62 Software Bypasses Drug Patents
63 Language Learning Insights From HackerRank 2019 Survey
64 Google Asks The Supreme Court To Decide The Future Of Computing
65 Take The Stack Overflow Survey 2019
66 Proposed New Patent Office Guidance Could Promote Absurd Software Patents
67 The 12 News Days of Xmas 12 - December
68 The 12 News Days of Xmas 11 - November
69 The 12 News Days of Xmas 10 - October
70 The 12 News Days of Xmas 09 - September
71 The 12 News Days of Xmas 08 - August
72 The 12 News Days of Xmas 07 - July
73 The 12 News Days of Xmas 06 - June
74 The 12 News Days of Xmas 05 - May
75 The 12 News Days of Xmas 04 - April
76 The 12 News Days of Xmas 03 - March
77 The 12 News Days of Xmas 02 - February
78 The 12 News Days of Xmas 01 - January
79 Impostor Syndrome Prevalent In High-Tech Workplace
80 Old and Bad Code Waste Billions
81 Office 365 And SharePoint Connect Early Bird Discount
82 Apple & Google Face Backlash Over App Store "Tax"?
83 Knuth Prize Awarded For Contributions To Computational Complexity
84 Stack Overflow Adopts New Code of Conduct
85 New ACM Breakthrough In Computing Award
86 ACM Revises Code of Ethics
87 Bootcamp Or College - Which Should You Choose?
88 I Programmer Moves On In Order To Stay Put
89 European Perl Conference In Glasgow, Massive Summer Event
90 Supreme Court To Rule On Apple App Store Monopoly
91 Packt Skill Up Survey Shows Programmers Are Mostly Full Stack
92 Are You A Typical Developer?
93 Jupyter Receives ACM Award
94 Top AI Researchers Rebel Against Nature
95 Skill Up Survey 2018
96 What Can Devs Expect at Google I/O and Microsoft Build?
97 What Makes A Fast Typist
98 The State of Agile
99 Appeals Court Rules In Favor of Oracle
100 RISC Pioneers Gain Turing Award
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