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1 Stack Overflow Jobs Reborn In Partnership With Indeed
2 JetBrains Celebrates Software Developers
3 Women Who Code Closing For Lack of Funding
4 ACM Adopts Open Access Publishing Model
5 Conference Times Ahead
6 Five Tips for Managing Hybrid Development Teams
7 .NET Conf 2023 Was A Blast!
8 The Art Of Computer Programming - A Great Present
9 Stack Overflow Finds Job Flexibility Top Concern
10 Devoxx Belgium Sessions Now Online
11 Stack Overflow Reduces Workforce
12 IBM's CEO - No Programmer Is Threatened By AI
13 Unity Introducing Per-Install Fees Leaves Devs Reeling
14 Advice and Admissions From Creator of C++
15 Stack Overflow Announces AI-Powered Features
16 India Outsourcing Over In 2 Years!
17 Programming Languages, Love and Money
18 Kunle Olukotun Receives 2023 ACM Eckert-Mauchly Award
19 Developers Positive About Using AI Tools
20 Stack Overflow Moderators Take Strike Action - UPDATE
21 Copilot X Star Of Show on Build Day 1
22 ACM Awards For Contributions in AI and ML
23 Award Recognizes DCTCP Pioneer
24 State of the Tech Workforce 2023
25 Chip Designer Wins 2022 ACM Breakthrough in Computing Award
26 Microsoft Researcher Awarded 2022 ACM Prize In Computing
27 May Dates For MS Build And Google I/O
28 CodinGame Findings On Hiring And Getting Hired
29 HackerRank Reports On Language Demand At Work
30 Switch Jobs Or Stay Put - What Drives The Decision
31 The Robots Are Coming - AlphaCode Can Program!
32 A Tee Is Not Just For Xmas - Ten Top Tees
33 Robot Gifts
34 Programmer Presents 2022
35 Stack Overflow Offline Caters For Remote and Restricted
36 Data Scientists Salary Data
37 ZenHub Explores Developer Happiness and Productivity
38 Newbies, Lurkers and Experts on Stack Overflow
39 New Graduates Want To Work At Google
40 Geoffrey Hinton Awarded Royal Society's Premier Medal
41 The Battle For Tech Talent
42 Microsoft Probes What Makes Employees Thrive
43 Shifts & Stability In Developer Landscape
44 Test of Time Paper Award For Distributed Caching Algorithms
45 Muriel Médard Recognized For Network Coding Algorithms
46 A Boost For Developer Pay
47 Mark Horowitz Recipient Of Computer Architecture Award
48 Carla Gomes Receives 2021 AAAI Allen Newell Award
49 Grace Hopper Award Recognizes Contribution To Secure Computation
50 Let's Encrypt Awarded the Levchin Prize
51 Pieter Abbeel Wins 2021 ACM Prize In Computing
52 2022 Major Developer Conferences
53 2021 ACM Turing Award For Numerical Algorithms
54 Developer Happiness Explored
55 Judea Pearl Wins 2021 BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award
56 Glassdoor's Best Jobs For 2022
57 End of the Line For Stack Overflow Jobs
58 App Developers Support Open App Markets Act
59 Random Gifts For Programmers
60 Stick Or Twist - Employers Want You
61 Creator of arXiv Wins Einstein Award
62 GitHub Octoverse Surveys Developer Productivity
63 Stack Overflow Reputation And Its Misuse
64 Salary Highs For Data and AI Professionals
65 Get Certified, Earn More
66 Ideal Employer? Google Is The Students Choice
67 Developer Pay According To Stack Overflow
68 Inaugural STOC Test Of Time Awards
69 Programmers Start Young
70 What Programmers Want, Love Or Dread
71 Recruiting University Students With Job-Ready Skills
72 Award for Power Of Two Choices Paradigm
73 Developers At Work 2021
74 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award 2020
75 Recognition For NoSQL Pioneers
76 What Ruins A Developer's Day
77 Margaret Martonosi Receives Computer Architecture Award
78 HackerEarth Finds Sources of Developer Unhappiness
79 Stack Overflow Sold for US$1.8 Billion
80 Levesque and Vardi Receive Newell Award
81 Computer Coding Could Count As Foreign Language - Should It?
82 Registration Open For Microsoft Build 2021
83 ACM Breakthrough Award For JIT Compilation
84 Google Bans Program - Devs Suffer With No Redress
85 Copying From Stack Overflow - It's Not Just A Joke
86 Is Australia The Best Place For Developers?
87 Scott Aaronson Winner of 2020 ACM Prize In Computing
88 Questions To Identify Non-Programmers
89 Five Ways to Improve Your Personal Productivity as a Developer
90 Kaggle Survey Of Data Scientists
91 The Cost of Bad, Insecure, Outdated and Unsuccessful Software
92 Jacob Ziv Awarded IEEE Medal of Honor For Data Compression
93 Your Brain On Code Isn't Like Your Brain On Language
94 Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course Free From NYU
95 Top Presents For Programmers
96 Staying Productive As A Solo Programmer
97 Ruby On Rails Survey
98 Did You Know Today Is Programmer Day?
99 Developers Happier Working From Home
100 Working At Home: Does It Impact Developer Productivity?
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