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101 Most Used Stack Overflow Snippet Has A Bug
102 Mozilla Remains Confident Despite Dip In Revenue
103 Google Code-In 2019 Underway
104 What Eats Your Programming Time
105 $5 million For Open Source Software Projects for Science
106 The Open Source Guides To Managing Open Source Software Projects
107 New From GitHub Universe
108 Python Beats Java On GitHub
109 The Days Of Bitcoin Mining Are Nearly Over
110 Why Students Participate in Summer of Code
111 Eclipse Launches Working Group For Cloud Development Tools
112 WiringPi - Deprecated
113 Promoting Open Source Software
114 Apache Software Foundation Is Worth $20 Billion
115 GNOME's Wonderful Year
116 GitHub Acquires Pull Panda
117 CERN Goes Open Source
118 Latest FSF Updates To Software Licenses
119 GitHub Sponsors - Money For Open Source
120 Wanted! Technical Writers!
121 Electron 5 Improves Packaged Apps
122 Apache Migrates To GitHub
123 Whirl Adds Local AirFlow Development Technique
124 Season Of Docs Opens
125 Microsoft Open Sources Calc
126 Gearing Up For Google Summer of Code
127 GitHub Launches Draft Pull Requests
128 Red Hat Drops MongoDB Over License
129 Bash 5 Adds New Shell Variables
130 Ring In the Changes At GitHub
131 Nvidia Open Sources Physics Engine
132 Why Mozilla Matters
133 Insane Linux Kernel Patches Resulting From Code Of Conduct
134 Uber Joins Linux Foundation
135 FSF Update Rules Commons Clause Non-Free
136 Facebook GraphQL Gets Own Foundation
137 Microsoft GitHub - What's Different
138 Linus Returns A Reformed Character UPDATE
139 Why Take Part In Open Source?
140 MongoDB Changes License
141 The Ever Expanding GitHub Octoverse
142 GitHub Launches Actions
143 Hacktoberfest 2018 - Celebrate Open Source!
144 Microsoft Joins Open Invention Network
145 MS-DOS Source Code on GitHub
146 Google is 20, GNU is 35; Why No GNUgle?
147 Linux Adopts New Code of Conduct; Linus Apologizes and Takes a Break
148 Linus Books Wrong Flight So Conference Moves
149 The Commons Clause - For Good or Bad
150 BackYourStack To Provide Open Source With Financial Security
151 GitLab Adds Security Dashboards
152 The GNOME Foundation Is Hiring
153 Git Adds Protocol Version 2 Support
154 GitLab Adds Auto DevOps
155 GitHub For Unity Now Available
156 Microsoft Buys GitHub - Get Ready For a Bigger Devil
157 GitHub Marketplace Now Accepts Free Apps and Offers Free Trials
158 GitHub Enterprise Adds Team Discussions
159 What Attracts Devs To Open Source
160 Save Code Share - Urgent Action Needed
161 Google Summer Of Code 2018 Student Applications Now Open
162 Programming For Love or Money
163 GitHub Project Trends
164 Google Code-in 2017 An Epic Achievement
165 Open Source Celebrates 20 Years
166 Apache Kibble Software Manager
167 Record Breaking Google Code-In 2017
168 Mozilla v Yahoo
169 GitHub Adds Security Alerts
170 Yahoo Open Sources Vespa
171 GitHub's Latest State Of The Octoverse
172 Facebook Re-licences React To MIT Licence
173 A New Rift for Node.js
174 Closing Stack Overflow Documentation
175 Tabs v Spaces - More Analysis
176 GitHub Introduces Code Owners
177 Apache Fluo Improves Spark Integration
178 Open Source Friday
179 Open Source Valued Despite Poor Documentation and Bad Behavior
180 InkScape Moves To GitLab
181 Microsoft CodePlex Is Shutting Down
182 New Website for Google Open Source Projects
183 Which Code Editor Do Devs Prefer?
184 //No Comment - Assessing Code Authorship, Git Blame Who? & The Case of OpenStack
185 Over 200 Open Source Orgs Mentoring GSoC 2017
186 FSF Sets A New Software Agenda
187 Mozilla Funding - Crisis Averted For Now
188 Work Begins on ActiveGo
189 Disney Establishes Open Source Program
190 GitHub Octoverse Reveals The State Of Open Source
191 //No Comment - Samba 4.5, Wine 1.9.19 & Gnome 3.22
192 GitHub Platform and Community Improvements
193 Is OpenOffice Heading to the Apache Attic?
194 10,000 Bugs Found - A Milestone for Static Analysis
195 Microsoft Open Sources PowerShell And It Runs On Linux
196 Mozilla Funds PyPy In Latest Round Of Open Source Funding
197 Stack Overflow Documentation For All
198 GitHub Reports On DMCA Takedowns
199 21 - Bitcoin For Everyone
200 Mozilla Funds Open Source Code Audits
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