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1 Linux Foundation Launches Digital Agriculture Project
2 Trust and Taint - University of Minnesota Banned By Linux
3 Open Source On Mars Acknowledged With A Badge
4 Google Funding For Linux Security
5 Linux-Powered Ingenuity Lands On Mars
6 Changed Format For Season of Docs 2021
7 The Importance of Open Source Contributions
8 Google Summer of Code or Outreachy
9 Red Hat Improves Developer Access
10 Season Of Docs 2020 - A Success Story
11 Taking Open Source Criticality Seriously
12 Open Source Contributors - Payment and Other Motivation
13 The State of the GitHub Octoverse
14 GitHub Expands Sponsorship Program
15 Servo Rehomed With Linux Foundation
16 Hacktoberfest 2020 Considered Harmful
17 Swift System Now Open Source
18 Beating Vulnerabilities in Open Source Code
19 Gitpod Goes Open Source
20 Open Source Is Not Growing Anymore
21 Linux Foundation Launches Open Source COVID Group
22 Google's Open Usage Commons Encounters Opposition
23 Redis Founder Steps Back
24 Gnome Foundation Settles Lawsuit
25 Monetize Open Source Software with XS:CODE
26 Open Source Hit By Octopus Scanner Malware
27 Microsoft Open Sources GW-BASIC
28 GitHub Announces Remote Open Source Internship Initiative
29 Google Announces Season Of Docs 2020
30 Apache Software Foundation - 21 Years Following the Apache Way
31 Co-founder of OSI Banned From Mailing Lists
32 Getting Ready For Google Summer of Code 2020
33 GitHub Updates Issues Picker
34 Code Borrowing and Licence Violations
35 FSF Code Hosting/Collaboration Platform In Prospect
36 10th Google Code-in Sets New Records
37 Electron 8 - First Release As OpenJS Foundation Incubator
38 OpenCV Hackathon
39 Curl Boosted By Donation
40 Most Used Stack Overflow Snippet Has A Bug
41 Mozilla Remains Confident Despite Dip In Revenue
42 Google Code-In 2019 Underway
43 What Eats Your Programming Time
44 $5 million For Open Source Software Projects for Science
45 The Open Source Guides To Managing Open Source Software Projects
46 New From GitHub Universe
47 Python Beats Java On GitHub
48 The Days Of Bitcoin Mining Are Nearly Over
49 Why Students Participate in Summer of Code
50 Eclipse Launches Working Group For Cloud Development Tools
51 WiringPi - Deprecated
52 Promoting Open Source Software
53 Apache Software Foundation Is Worth $20 Billion
54 GNOME's Wonderful Year
55 GitHub Acquires Pull Panda
56 CERN Goes Open Source
57 Latest FSF Updates To Software Licenses
58 GitHub Sponsors - Money For Open Source
59 Wanted! Technical Writers!
60 Electron 5 Improves Packaged Apps
61 Apache Migrates To GitHub
62 Whirl Adds Local AirFlow Development Technique
63 Season Of Docs Opens
64 Microsoft Open Sources Calc
65 Gearing Up For Google Summer of Code
66 GitHub Launches Draft Pull Requests
67 Red Hat Drops MongoDB Over License
68 Bash 5 Adds New Shell Variables
69 Ring In the Changes At GitHub
70 Nvidia Open Sources Physics Engine
71 Why Mozilla Matters
72 Insane Linux Kernel Patches Resulting From Code Of Conduct
73 Uber Joins Linux Foundation
74 FSF Update Rules Commons Clause Non-Free
75 Facebook GraphQL Gets Own Foundation
76 Microsoft GitHub - What's Different
77 Linus Returns A Reformed Character UPDATE
78 Why Take Part In Open Source?
79 MongoDB Changes License
80 The Ever Expanding GitHub Octoverse
81 GitHub Launches Actions
82 Hacktoberfest 2018 - Celebrate Open Source!
83 Microsoft Joins Open Invention Network
84 MS-DOS Source Code on GitHub
85 Google is 20, GNU is 35; Why No GNUgle?
86 Linux Adopts New Code of Conduct; Linus Apologizes and Takes a Break
87 Linus Books Wrong Flight So Conference Moves
88 The Commons Clause - For Good or Bad
89 BackYourStack To Provide Open Source With Financial Security
90 GitLab Adds Security Dashboards
91 The GNOME Foundation Is Hiring
92 Git Adds Protocol Version 2 Support
93 GitLab Adds Auto DevOps
94 GitHub For Unity Now Available
95 Microsoft Buys GitHub - Get Ready For a Bigger Devil
96 GitHub Marketplace Now Accepts Free Apps and Offers Free Trials
97 GitHub Enterprise Adds Team Discussions
98 What Attracts Devs To Open Source
99 Save Code Share - Urgent Action Needed
100 Google Summer Of Code 2018 Student Applications Now Open
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