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1 Mozilla's Annual Checkup On the Web
2 Google Attempts To Fix AMP - Makes It Worse
3 EU Copyright Directive Passed Into Law
4 EU Copyright Directive Approved - Without Amendments
5 World Wide Web's 30th Anniversary
6 W3C Declares WebAuthn Official
7 Unicode 12 Adds Four New Scripts
8 Google Does Domaining Like Big Time Extortion
9 Final EU Copyright Directive Spells Disaster
10 Emojis 12 Adds An Orangutang
11 PWA Becomes TWA And Enters Play Store
12 EU Copyright Directive Article 13 Now Worse Than Ever
13 Google Places API Upgraded And Monetized
14 EU Copyright Directive Stalled
15 Google Kills Webmaster Central Comments
16 Mozilla Labs Quietly Relaunched
17 IPv6 Is A Failure - Time To Move On
18 Google Gives AMP Open Governance - Still Not Good Enough?
19 Catastrophic EU Copyright Directive Approved
20 Google Says HTTP Cookies Are Evil - Get Rid of Them
21 Source Code Search Engine Adds Internal Page Indexing
22 Apple Kills App Store Affiliate Program
23 Today Chrome Marks HTTP As Not Secure
24 Bing Adds Intelligent Code Search
25 Threat To Internet Staved Off Until September
26 Why Article 13 Must Be Stopped
27 Mozilla Grants For Art & Advocacy
28 Progressive Web Apps Do Seem To Be The Next Big Thing UPDATED
29 Top 5 Marketing Tools to Promote Your App
30 Google Tries For Email Takeover with AMP
31 Over 4 Billion Internet Users
32 Microsoft Shuts Coding4Fun - Big Changes At Channel 9
33 Redesign For Amazon Developer Portal
34 Safari Will Remove AMP Links
35 Storm Over For Teapot Error Code
36 Unicode 10 Adds Bitcoin and Two Dinosaurs
37 Bitcoin Is Not The Only Cryptocurrency
38 GitHub Extends Developer Program
39 Chrome Introduces Scroll Anchoring
40 Google Home Voice Ad Causes A Reaction
41 Patently Absurd - Out Of Office Notification
42 Google Now Helps You Search For || And More
43 Android About To Overtake Windows On Internet
44 Fear And Loathing In The App Store 17 - The Strange Case Of AdNauseam
45 Mozilla Looks Into Health of Internet
46 Track Santa's Progress Across The Globe
47 //No Comment - TV Control, Geolocation & Webmention APIs
48 HTML 5.1 Is Here
49 Adblock Versus Facebook - Programming Wars Made Real
50 The Weekly Top 10: CMS and SharePoint
51 Joomla 3.6 Improves UX
52 The Weekly Top 10: SharePoint and Other CMS Platforms
53 The Weekly Top 10: Web Design
54 Emojis 2016 - Unicode's Most Bizarre Yet?
55 GitHub Introduces New Pricing For Private Projects
56 Microsoft Translator API
57 Scrape Away From KimonoLabs
58 Bitcoin Almost Crashed - But Lived To Crash Another Day
59 GitHub Victim Of Its Own Success
60 Do You Have To Attribute Stack Overflow Code?
61 Bitcoin - A Failed Experiment.
62 Mozilla Persona Signs Out
63 Linux Foundation Backs Blockchain Project
64 Google Turns Apps Into Web Pages - Insanity!
65 Video Codec Consortium Proposed
66 Bitcoin Fork Due To Algorithmic Differences
67 MatchStick Firefox OS Streaming Device To Refund Backers
68 Google Restricts Autocomplete API
69 New Milestone For Google - 1000 Chrome Experiments
70 IFTTT Reinvents Macro With Do
71 Fear And Loathing In the App Store 10 - Firefox Gets A Walled Garden
72 Fear And Loathing In the App Store 9 - The EFF Refuses Apple's Conditions
73 Google's New NoCaptcha Captcha
74 Matchstick - Firefox OS Rival To Chromecast
75 Mozilla Labs Closed And Nobody Noticed - UPDATE Mozilla Responds
76 Fear And Loathing In the App Store 6 - Apple's Reasons For Rejection
77 Goodbye Google Maps API for Flash
78 Amazon Mobile Analytics
79 New Relic Insights Exits Beta
80 Gmail Gets A Restful API
81 Googlebot Gets Better At JavaScript Web Apps
82 QScript A Quantum Computer In Your Browser
83 Google Doodle Rubik's Cube
84 Mozilla Opens Feedback Channels
85 Fear And Loathing In The App Store 4 - When Apps Vanish
86 Fear And Loathing In The App Store 3 - Banned For Life
87 New Relic's Analytics APIs
88 The Easy Guide To Software Licences
89 Fear And Loathing In The App Store 2 - Apple Rejects App For Being Too Simple
90 Google Gets Hot
91 Fear And Loathing In The App Store - Apple Drops Bitcoin App
92 Intel's AppUp Taken Down
93 President Obama Asks Young Americans To Become Computer Scientists
94 Google Search for Android Update
95 Google Helpouts
96 Google Switches Off Keyword Data
97 Mozilla Web Literacy Standard V1.0 Launched
98 Google Support For Free Internet
99 Hummingbird - A New Google Search Algorithm
100 Google Extends Scope of Patent Search
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