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1 Introduction to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn
2 Machine Learning Scholarship Program On Udacity
3 edX Acquired For $800 Million
4 Learn Kubernetes by Example
5 Middle Schoolers Learn To Code With Blackbird
6 Master Python
7 Postgre SQL For Everybody - New On Coursera Plus
8 Alternative Summer Of Code From China
9 Kubernetes on Edge Training From Linux Foundation & CNCF
10 Azure Training Scholarships For Women In Cloud
11 A Crash Course on Python By Google
12 Free April From Pluralsight
13 More Cybersecurity And More Discounts From Udacity
14 Free Course On Functional Programming in Haskell
15 Google Boosts Opportunities For Job Seekers
16 A Trio of Udacity Programming Nanodegrees
17 Amazon Donates $15 Million To Code.Org
18 Microsoft's SQL Workshops
19 YouTube Courses On C++, Python and Blazor
20 Learn Network Automation With CISCO For Free
21 100 Hours of Computer Science Videos
22 Take Cornell's CS 6120 Advanced Compilers For Free
23 Women Boost Computer Science Education Statistics
24 Coursera For New Year-Long Opportunity
25 Hour of Code Teaches AI For Good
26 Scratch For More Than A Brief Coding Encounter
27 The State Of Secure Software Development - Three OpenSSF Courses
28 Hour Of Code Adds Lessons In Unconscious Bias
29 The State of Computer Science Education 2020
30 More AWS on Coursera and edX
31 DataCamp For Hands-On Learning
32 Introducing The Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree
33 Ada Lovelace Day 2020
34 Functional Programming For Big Data Analytics
35 DevFest 2020 - Largest Virtual Google Developer Event
36 Google Launches Learn For Developers
37 AWS Training On Coursera, edX and Future Learn
38 Over 1 Million Enrollments For Intro To Linux on edX
39 Azure, Azure Everywhere - New Developer Nanodegree
40 Data Scientist or Data Engineer? Choose Your Path On Udacity
41 Learn About Serverless with The Linux Foundation on edX
42 Coursera Offers Free Access To Students
43 Microsoft Jumps on Wonder Woman 1984 Bandwagon
44 Microsoft Azure Cloud DevOps On Udacity
45 Take Advantage of Udacity's 50% Discount
46 Amazon Makes Machine Learning Courses Available to All
47 Showcase Your Code With Grasshopper's Gallery
48 Udacity's New Nanodegree In Cybersecurity
49 IBM Teaches COBOL With VSCode
50 An Introduction and More to Virtual Reality On Coursera
51 Apple Has More Resources For Teachers
52 Two New Nanodegree Programs - Java and JavaScript
53 New Udacity Cloud Nanodegree Programs
54 How To Teach Computer Science - It's The Programming Stupid
55 Prepare For AWS Certification On FutureLearn
56 Microsoft and Udacity Partner To Offer Azure Machine Learning Nanodegree
57 New Natural Language Processing Specialization on Coursera
58 Beginner-Level SQL Nanodegree From Udacity
59 New Data Science Masters On edX
60 Hack Club Summer of Making - Mentors Wanted
61 edX MicroBachelors - Make A Start On Your Degree
62 Pluralsight Insights Into Upskilling
63 Enrollment Deadline For AI & ML MasterTrack Certificate
64 Learn To Code with JetBrains Academy
65 Complexity Explorer Adds Tutorial On Pandemic Prevention
66 The 16-Hour Guide to the AWS Developer Associate Exam
67 Udacity Launches Edge AI Nanodegree
68 Eclipse Releases Theia - Open Source VSCode Alternative
69 Free Access To 7,000 Pluralsight Courses
70 New Udacity Web Developer Nanodegrees
71 Trio Of Microsoft Certifications Bite the Dust - UPDATE: Deadline Extended
72 Udacity Offers Free Access To Nanodegree Programs
73 New Udacity Nanodegree In Data Streaming
74 Moving Towards Equality On International Women's Day 2020
75 Hiring Landscape Under Scrutiny
76 Coursera Offers Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate
77 Top Skills In Demand For 2020
78 AI for Oceans - Kids Use Computer Science For Good
79 This Weekend Save On edX Training
80 Hour of Code Aiming for a Billion Served in 2019
81 Black Friday Discounts On Coursera
82 Free Course - Advanced Android With Kotlin
83 New Data Science Masters From Coursera
84 Amazon's Future Engineer Program In US and UK
85 Codecademy and Google Partner In New Go Course
86 Grasshopper Now On the Desktop
87 Coursera Professional Certificates In AI
88 Think Like A Coder
89 Udacity Scholarships In Data, AI and Cloud Computing
90 Google Refactors Kotlin Courses
91 MasterTracks and Professional Certificates in Data Science on Coursera
92 Isaac Computer Science - Free Online Resource For A-Level
93 Top Free Online Computer Science Courses
94 Applied Machine Learning On Coursera
95 Online Computer Science Degrees On Coursera
96 Coursera TensorFlow Specialization Fully Available
97 Enrollment Open for New Java Developer Nanodegree
98 Learn Kotlin Online In 25 Hours
99 Machine Learning With Python From MIT on edX
100 Udacity's School of Cloud Computing
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